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by Margaret Magnus

Linguistic Iconism Association Page

· Abelin, Ĺsa - Swedish Phonesthemes
· Adi,.T., Ewell, .O.K. - Letter Semantics in Arabic Morphology
· Alford, Dan Moonhawk
· Alford, Dan Moonhawk: Klang Association
· ALM Naming Service
· Allott, Robin Numerous beautiful papers about language and sound.
· Allott, Robin: Gestural Equivalence of Language.
· Allott, Robin: Animal Words Across Languages.
· Allott, Robin: Bird Words Across Languages.
· Alphabet Co: Sound Symbolic Origin of the Alphabet
· Andrei A Avram: Mimetics and Japanese Phonology
· Animal Sounds
· Babbling -- Science News
· Bender, Byron: Morphological Paradoxes
· Bender, Byron: Morphological Processes
· Bettex, Stefania and Didier Demolin: Sound Symbolism in !Xoo
· Beyond Reverse Speech

· Butterflies
· David Prager Branner: Klang Association
· Cassirer's Homepage
· Chan, Marjorie: Chinese
· Charles deBrosses

· Cosper, Ronald: Barawa Lexicon
· Cratylus
· Cratylus and kuukai's Shojijissogi
· Cymatics
· Denofsky, Murray Elias (2001), "Johnny and the Sound CL-", ms.
· A Dictionary of English Sound.
· Dynamic Symbolism, Chaos and Perception: David Demaris
· Echo Word Reduplication
· Edenics
· Fillmore, Chuck: Lectures in Phonosemantics
· Foster, Mary LeCron: Abstract- Analogy As Language Prototype
· Gaskell, Gareth: Query
· Glossolalia - by Andrei Bely, translated by Thomas Beyer
· Grew, Philip (1998), "Phonological Clusters of Semantically Similar Words", Linguist's List re: 9:1050.
· Hinton, Nichols and Ohala, (1994), Sound Symbolism, Cambridge University Press.
· Human Brain Works Heavy Statistics Learning Language
· Humboldt Project
· Ian's Mind-Scape
· Icelandic and Finnish
· Iconicity in Language: Bibliography
· Iconicity in Language and Literature
· Japanese Onomatopoeia Query
· Language Origin: Stefan Etzel

Language Origins Society
· Language Research Center page (Bonobos/Rumbaugh etc.)
· Language of Space
· Lawler, John
· Lindstrom, Jan Beautiful, beautiful! Syntactic Reduplication in Swedish.
· Lexicon Branding
· Margo's Magical Letter Page.
· Marcos-Marín, Francisco A. (1997), "Rojo bobo: la configuración semánticamente sugestiva del radical", Homenaje al Profesor A. Roldán Pérez, Murcia: Universidad, I: 319-329.
· Markman, Ellen M.: Constraints on word learning: Speculations about their nature,origins, and domain specificity
· Master McNeil, Inc, Sound Symbolism and Naming
· Mavicanet on Phonosemantics
· Mental Solution through Non-Comprehensible Analysis

· Meru Foundation
· Mikhalev, Andrei B. (1995), The Theory of Phonosemantic Space, Krasnodar State University.
· Mirror History

· Morton, Eugene, Motivation Structure Theory
· Mozeson, Isaac: The Ancient Hebrew Language
· Natural Selection As We Speak
· New ABCs of Branding
· Nobile, Luca (2003) "L'origine fonosimbolica del valore linguistico nel vocalismo dell'italiano standard".
· Nobile, Luca "Terra Acqua Aria Fuoco".
· Nodier, Charles: the Dictionary
· Nuckolls, Janis B.: Sounds like Life
· John J. Ohala's Home Page
· The Olin Revelation -- on the origins of language and the meanings of letter
· Pattern Finder -- test your theories!
· Phonetic Enactment: Ian Bruce
· Phonology of /r/ in Japanese
· Poldervaart, Arie (1984), Northern Paiute Subanalysis. Informal Notes, presented at Friends of Uto-Aztecan Conference.
· Poldervaart, Arie (1989), Proto Uto-Aztecan Subanalysis, Part III Phoneme meanings. Informal Notes, presented at Friends of Uto-Aztecan Conference.
· Proto-Language: Patrick Ryan
· Readware: phonosemantics as applied to searching the Web! (Also here)
· Reduplication
· Ross, John Robert (1991b), "Fog Cat Fog", in Robert Hoffman and David Palermo (eds.), Cognition and the Symbolic Process: Applied and Ecological Perspectives, Erlbaum, Hillsdale, NJ, 187-205.
· Ryan, Patrick: Monosyllable Meaning
· Scorpio, Dan: Ontology and Language
· Sentics -- Peter Baker's marvellous synesthesia site
· Shisler, Benjamin "Bengo": Dictionary of English Phonesthemes
· Shisler. Benjamin K.: The influence of phonesthesia on the English language.
· Stanford Graduate School of Business Naming Company
· Sumerian Sound Symbolism
· Theory of Linguistic Derivation -- this is a work in progress by Jan Reed
· Hartmut Traunmüller (1996), "Sound symbolism in deictic words." TMH-QPSR 2/1996 (Royal Institute of Technology, Speech Music and Hearing): 147 - 150.
· Tsur, Reuven: Poetics and Sound Symbolism.
· Universal Verbal Language

· Vowels and Sound Symbolism, Linguist's List
· Nigel Ward: E-Grunts


· The 21st Century Color Organ, Jack Ox
· Artificial Synesthesia, Peter Meijer
· Color Imagery, Tony De Caprio
· Colored Letters
· Colour Music, Niels Hutchison
· Cytowic's Home Page

· Dr. Hugo's Museums of the Mind
· Ever Taste a Shape or Smell a Color?
· The Health Report - Interview with Richard Cytowic
· Omar Kamel's Synaesthesia Paper
· Lambdoma
· International Multisensory Research Forum, Peter Grossenbacher
· MIT Synaesthesia Page
· Nederlandse Synesthesie Pagina, Crétien van Campen
· Online Visual Music Forum, Ron Pellegrino
· Painting Music, Phillip Schreibman
· Prometheus Institute, Bulat Galeyev
· Purple Numbers, Sharp Cheese - V.S. Ramachandran
· Rhythmic Light, Fred Collopy
· Rhythm Vision, Dennis Roth
· Sensequence, Angela Meder and Andreas Mengel
· Sound Measurement
· Symbols and Metaphors - Creating Reality, Chris Lofting
· Synaesthesia, Sean A. Day
· Synaesthesia, Elizabeth A. Pector
· Synaesthesia - Paul Harrison
· Synesthesia and Artistic Exoerimentation
· A Synaesthesia Experiment
· Synaesthesia, Experiment and Research, dr. Hugo
· Sinestesia e arte sinestetica, Daniela Alexandra Bruni
· Synästhesia - Farben hören und Töne sehen
· Synaesthesia and Method - Kevin B. Korb
· Synesthete Perspectives, MIT
· Synaesthesia - Phenomenology and Neuropsychology, Cytowic
· Synesthesia and Tarot
· Synesthesie. A Virtual Revue on Contemporary Art, Paris
· Synesthesia and Synesthetic Experience, Carol Steen, Karen Chenausky, and Adam Rosen
· Synthetic Synaesthesia, Kristinn R Thňrisson
· Synesthesia: Art installation, Alex Sandover in Peterborough Museum & Art Gallery (UK)
· Tama-Do Academy of Sound, Color and Movement
· Visual Music Tone Painter - Stephen Nachmanovitch
· Visualization of Music Project, Sandy Cohen


· 300,000 Baby Names
· Abjad
· Adam's Apple
· Aleph to Zain
· Alphabet Co
· Alvin Boyd Kuhn
· Analyse your name phonosemantically in Russian
· Alon Anava Near Death Experience
· Brutus Scroedered Caesar
· Chirophonetics
· Dan Scorpio NLP Awareness
· Elian Script
· Enochian Language, (2)
· Enochian Webring
· Green Language
· Harmony Paper
· Hebrew Double Letters
· How the I Ching Was Created
· Jewish Mysticism and Language
· Kaboom
· Kotodama
· Lambdoma

· Language of the Birds
· Magick of Letter
· Master M M Letter Divination
· The Meru Foundation
· Monty Pyjton
· Naam or Word
· Necronomicon
· Nefesh Haya Jewish Meditation
· Onomatopoeia
· Optimum Potential Training Institute
· Philophonetics
· Runes
· The Runes
· Runes - the First, Second, Third Aetts
· Secret Spells of the English Language

· Sepher Yetzierah
· Sound in Poetry -- an Interview with Robert Bly
· Spelwerx
· Tama-Do Academy of Sound, Color and Movement
· Tower of Babel
· Transpersonal Semantics
· Visual Language
· WordMine

Papers Hosted at this Site

* Abelin, Ĺsa. (1999) 'Studies in Sound Symbolism', Gothenburg Monographs in Linguistics 17. Göteborg, abstract.
Gilbert, Joseph, The Relativity of Meaning - a lay person who in my view says it better than all us overtrained, undereducated ...linguists
* Gilbert, Joseph (2000), "Proving that Vocal Sounds are Meaningful" ms.
* Hiraga, Masako K. (1998), "Metaphor-Icon Link in Poetic Texts: A Cognitive Approach to Iconicity", Journal of the University of the Air 16: 95-123.
* Poldervaart, Arie (1984), Northern Paiute Subanalysis. Informal Notes, presented at Friends of Uto-Aztecan Conference.
* Poldervaart, Arie (1989), Proto Uto-Aztecan Subanalysis, Part III Phoneme meanings. Informal Notes, presented at Friends of Uto-Aztecan Conference.
* Pyle, Charles
, On The Duplicity of Language - A very important book about language. If you would like the entire 2.7 MB text in one file with additional links, please contact the author.
* Ross, John Robert (Haj) (1991b), "Fog Cat Fog"
In a way, I view this paper as the father of this Web site, because it was Haj who first showed me the power of sound and the whole ecological approach to language which he embodies.
* Ross, John Robert (Haj), "The Butterfly Gazette"
* Rubino, Carl (2000), "Iconic Morphology and Word Formation in Ilocano".


Iconicity in Language: Bibliography
Bibliography of Phonosemantics: Margaret Magnus
Synaesthesia, Sean A. Day


Benjamin "Bengo" Shisler: Dictionary of English Phonesthemes
Phonosematic Dictionary: Margaret Magnus

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