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I have organized the first 142 query responses in more detail manually so you can get a better overview of the responses. But I'm finding it too time consuming, so from now on, I'll just give you the data unformatted:

Query Response 1 (analyzed)

Lanes Guess Lane Guess Road Roads Guess Lane Guess Road
Lynnwood 70 35 Pearson 37 68
Drury 70 35 Cummings 44 61
Olcott 58 47 Hackett 44 61
Croghan 54 51 Buttrick 52 53
Twitchell 54 51 Addison 52 53
Gerick 53 52 Boyd 53 52
Gerick 53 52 Grinnell 53 52
Upstone 52 53 Stathers 55 50
Kates 44 61 Seavey 65 40
Palomino 43 62 Bellamy 72 33

Street Guess Street Guess Road Roads Guess Street Guess Road
Green 88 20 Meserve 40 68
Clark 83 25 Denbow 41 67
Hall 82 26 Thrasher 42 66
Sullivan 64 44 Emerson 49 59
Dewey 64 44 Rouleau 51 57
Thomas 63 45 Accworth 53 55
Avon 55 53 Temi 56 52
Abbott 52 56 Jarvia 58 50
Everett 51 57 Willey 59 49
Prescott 43 65 Bryant 62 46


What are these?

Editor's Choice: swobble

frobble: 25
wockle: 14
swobble: 13
tobble: 13
teeble: 4
wibble: 4
woble: 3
smobble: 1

Editor's Choice: wibble

wibble: 30
teeble: 23
smobble: 11
woble: 4
wockle: 3
swobble: 3
tobble: 2
frobble: 1

Editor's Choice: smobble

smobble: 27
swobble: 14
frobble: 12
wibble: 5
woble: 5
wockle: 2
tobble: 1
teeble: 1

Editor's Choice: woble

woble: 40
smobble: 8
tobble: 5
teeble: 5
frobble: 4
wockle: 4
swobble: 4
wibble: 3

Editor's Choice: teeble

teeble: 22
wibble: 17
wockle: 10
frobble: 7
tobble: 7
smobble: 4
swobble: 3
woble: 1

Editor's Choice: tobble

tobble: 22
swobble: 13
wibble: 8
wockle: 7
smobble: 6
teeble: 5
woble: 5
frobble: 2

Editor's Choice: frobble

frobble: 15
smobble: 15
wockle: 12
swobble: 11
woble: 5
teeble: 4
tobble: 4
wibble: 3

Editor's Choice: wockle

tobble: 15
teeble: 12
wockle: 10
frobble: 9
wibble: 7
swobble: 7
smobble: 6
woble: 5



'arne' you going to the shop with me? (442,F,49,no, but I do voice readings automatically,English)
* 'encompassing' like 'arms' wrapped around something, but (skewed by looking at the color survey), I see the color 'brown' clearly involved, and a road... So it could be like a dirt road that wraps around a tract of land... :) (362,Male,30,no,English)
* (no) noun. a heavy peice of metal heated to take the wrinkles out of clothes, more commonly known as an iron if not from North Carolina =) (379,F,20,no,english)
* (v) to run away in disgust (377,M,20,yes,english)
* 1. southern equivalent to an 'iron' 2. a tool for farming and/or gardening 3. something that can be used as both of above definitions (416,male,42,no,american (english))
* A barbaric horde. (454,m,24,a little,english)
* A type of alloy which is used to temper steel (414,Female,40,some (2 yrs Kototama),English)
* An arne is the dramatic curve in a fast flowing river. Often the site of ancient fortifactions and market towns (451,m,47,no,english(australian))
* Dark alleyway- muse. in neighborhoods once elegant and affluent, now seedy and dangerous. Can indicate something forboding (392,M,51,No,English)
* Earthy, practical, cautious. (431,F,55,no,English)
* I introduced them all to the new arne.The arne was especially nice in a tuxedo with a plaid jacket. If you have seen one arne you have seen them all.Never met an arne I didn't like. (415,m,69,nope,english/)
* Luna park attraction for heavyweights (433,m,50,starting to...,hungarian)
* My last living relative's husband was Aarne. This is an Estonian name. Arne may be a man's name in Denmark. Do not know of any famous persons named Arne. Aarne was an astronomer, was taken to Siberia on June 14, 1941 and disappeared, never have found out, where he died. (446,male,72,no, not formally, just interested in sounds.,Estonian)
* Not Carne Asada but the chinese version an imitation of the spanish carne asada the chinese using dog as the main staple for the meal (450,female,20,no,Australian English)
* Saknussem ('Voyage au centre de la terre' by Jules Verne) (468,male,63,no,French)
* Some kind of tool (371,Male,19,No,English)
* Sounds like Ornry (don't now they spelling) but the word when people are stubborn. (402,Female,19,No,English)
* Sounds like a Brooklyn name. Sounds like an average Joe. Not terrible smart or attractive. Little overweight, light hair and complexion. (422,Female,47,No,English)
* a flag hung from a diagonal cord (401,M,20,No,English)
* a kind of insect that use to infect people skin (nasty!!) (406,male,32,no,catalan)
* a mineral--could be grey or brick red (381,f,63,no,engl)
* a type of tree that grows in the cracks of side walks. (360,Male,27,no,english)
* a wooden barrell (361,f,43,no,english)
* arne - an adverb meaning: simply (403,Male,28,No,Swedish)
* big (420,male,17,no,english)
* big (434,female,20,no,English)
* butch, masculine (443,M,22,no,english)
* butt (410,female,38,no,English)
* gentle, nature-loving, thoughtful (359,f,43,yes,English)
* great (393,female,22,yes,English)
* house (423,f,37,no,ialian)
* is a type of weapon (405,female,45,no,english)
* long, sloping grassy knoll (Scot. origin) (363,m,32,no,English)
* my first date (418,female,44,no,english)
* not complete (374,F,,no,english)
* noun. southern for iron. She arnes every Saturday. (430,,,,)
* over hang of your porch (366,female,37,no,english)
* red (463,f,36,no,english)
* river because there is a river 'Arno' or something to that effect in Italy (382,female,18,no,english)
* river in germany (372,m,35,no,english)
* shortcut for meat; not a german word; don¥t know the engl. word (368,,,,)
* some adjective meaning -good- or -fine- like somehow -gerne-in German,or -jarne- in Norwegian language or -arno- in Macedonian (465,female,20,no,serbian)
* someone in the military (440,female,39,no,English)
* stone (466,female,47,no,english)
* straps (408,male,51,no,american english)
* to be an expert at something (467,female,42,,english)
* to harm (427,female,24,no,english)
* v.n. twist or bend in one direction, usually denotes discomfort (419,m,17,no but i'm working on a new symbolist theory of my own,english)
* walkway (437,Female,22,A bit,English)
* well-organized (426,male,31,no,english)

small quantity of anything (416,male,42,no,american (english))
* A child's toy--not a name for a specific item, but a pet name for a favorite toy. 'Go get your didi, honey, it's time for bed.' (381,f,63,no,engl)
* A small, sparrowlike, insect-eating bird of East africa and the middle east (401,M,20,No,English)
* A spoiled sissy.A didi will bring his pijamas along on a school trip. (425,male,45,no,Hebrew)
* Any little insect. Now used informally for electronic bugs. (431,F,55,no,English)
* Deliberate stutter, repetition. To repeat something for effect. Strongly related to 'diddy', a word for song, where things ARE repeated for effect... (362,Male,30,no,English)
* Didi? Dee-Dee? A French woman would probably be able to explain the meaniong of the word to me. Since this is the last word in your list of sounds, would like to thank you for the opportunity to have some fun with sounds. Estonian is vowel-rich, ask and you shall find an Estonian-speaker. You will find spoken Estonian very entertaining to listen to. (446,male,72,no, not formally, just interested in sounds.,Estonian)
* Digitally reproduced photographs (414,Female,40,some (2 yrs Kototama),English)
* Done (374,F,,no,english)
* Famous blue grass singer born in 2003 (468,male,63,no,French)
* Hollstein cow before milking (not yet mad) (433,m,50,starting to...,hungarian)
* In chinese mandarin, it means little brother. 4th tone on both syllables. (407,male,29,yes,English)
* My mother's name (402,Female,19,No,English)
* Samuel Beckett's nickname for his left testicle. (454,m,24,a little,english)
* Sounds like a stupid person would have this name. Someone with very little/no brain. Slight woman, dark, curly hair, brown eyes...stupid. (422,Female,47,No,English)
* Third sail in a set of five on a Harscroft frigate. Aft of the wheel, generally used for stability and making fine adjustment to the trim (392,M,51,No,English)
* To scream for no reason. (360,Male,27,no,english)
* Toy (437,Female,22,A bit,English)
* a child's game of jumping and skipping (467,female,42,,english)
* a dance step (443,M,22,no,english)
* a way familiar and tender way of addressing someone; used especially by lovers when they make love. (438,male,25,no,spanish)
* a. large breasted (419,m,17,no but i'm working on a new symbolist theory of my own,english)
* adjective. air-headed, absent-minded, forgetful. He is did when it comes to managing his finances. (430,,,,)
* ass (420,male,17,no,english)
* breast (361,f,43,no,english)
* come (408,male,51,no,american english)
* didi - to split (403,Male,28,No,Swedish)
* didi is a food dish from Tasmania comprising of mashed potatoes, carrots and parsnip with ocean scallops, abalonie, prawns and crayfish in white wine and blue cheese sauce, baked. (451,m,47,no,english(australian))
* dido's cousin (450,female,20,no,Australian English)
* do something (440,female,39,no,English)
* funny and full of impish spirit (442,F,49,no, but I do voice readings automatically,English)
* funny, dancing, joyful, bouncing (463,f,36,no,english)
* giggle (410,female,38,no,English)
* good friend of mine; not a german word; don¥t know the engl. word (368,,,,)
* infantile, childish (466,female,47,no,english)
* littel bell (423,f,37,no,ialian)
* little (sure this is a word) (371,Male,19,No,English)
* my sister (418,female,44,no,english)
* only thinking Godot (363,m,32,no,English)
* petite (455,f,35,yes,English)
* silly outfit a twit would wear (382,female,18,no,english)
* slang name for a song from an earlier era (412,f,25,yep,English)
* small, light (393,female,22,yes,English)
* song that is short and catchy (380,female,19,no,english)
* tarek from Algeria (372,m,35,no,english)
* the characteristic of being unable to decide which task to do next (434,female,20,no,English)
* to bubble up to the surface (359,f,43,yes,English)
* to play children's games (426,male,31,no,english)

(no) noun. a dish eaten in western europe normally containing goat meat and cabbage. (379,F,20,no,english)
* (noun) An old woman. Adjective = grishatic. (436,female,19,no,English)
* (v) to capture quickly (377,M,20,yes,english)
* 1. an impasse in a negotiation 2. a state of intolerable discomfort and/or pain 3. a state of consciousness (416,male,42,no,american (english))
* A grisha is a street name for a poorly paid kitchen hand in a large restaurant (451,m,47,no,english(australian))
* A small tribe in the zimbolla islands. (360,Male,27,no,english)
* A strong and thoughful person. Independant. (373,f,18,no,English)
* An Indian Godess (370,Male,22,no,English)
* An alpine meadow. (454,m,24,a little,english)
* Because this is a Russian name, could be used here as a word to describe an old man with a funny accent.'I sat next to this grisha on the bus this morning. He kept telling me stupid stories so I moved to another seat.' (425,male,45,no,Hebrew)
* Catlike--not a housecat, but a jungle cat. Angular, muscular, with a smooth surface. (431,F,55,no,English)
* Difficult to take apart (like trying to pull apart two bones held together by tendons or grissle) (362,Male,30,no,English)
* Grisha is a person who complains in a way that what their saying is rather frivolous but they are really convincing and seem so innocent and sweeet when they do it. (402,Female,19,No,English)
* Grisha, a nickname of some sort. Strong association to Slavic man's name. Probably a diminutive form of Gregory. (446,male,72,no, not formally, just interested in sounds.,Estonian)
* John with a missing end 'M' (468,male,63,no,French)
* Some kind of gathering (371,Male,19,No,English)
* Something you would like to do to you mechanic after he hands you the bill (450,female,20,no,Australian English)
* Sounds Russian. There's movement to the word...like a dancer...a russian ballet dancer (male) (422,Female,47,No,English)
* The pot smoking Grisha was stumbling down the street. Two gendarmes put handcuffs on the Grisha and hauled her off to the Jail. (415,m,69,nope,english/)
* The serrated part of the Tang Kua fighting sword (414,Female,40,some (2 yrs Kototama),English)
* To burst out in spontaneous laughter- to be caught unaware by a clever comment (392,M,51,No,English)
* a big black pot of hot porridge (359,f,43,yes,English)
* a brisk folk dance from eastern Europe--the kind that you should like to watch but don't (381,f,63,no,engl)
* a dancing girl (467,female,42,,english)
* a form of green (374,F,,no,english)
* a girl raised by her grandparents rather than her actual parents (434,female,20,no,English)
* a little green insect, whose characteristic sound is like that of a creaking door. It usually lives in the country. (438,male,25,no,spanish)
* a modern name (427,female,24,no,english)
* a scrubbing sponge used on the body (443,M,22,no,english)
* a small dog (361,f,43,no,english)
* a stirring rod, sometimes decorated, used for drinks (401,M,20,No,English)
* an article of clothing (418,female,44,no,english)
* celebratory festival (466,female,47,no,english)
* chair (382,female,18,no,english)
* dainty and graceful (453,female,20,nope,english)
* dancer (463,f,36,no,english)
* gentle (393,female,22,yes,English)
* gloomy (423,f,37,no,ialian)
* grisha - to steal (403,Male,28,No,Swedish)
* is a grain that resembles oats (405,female,45,no,english)
* make angry (410,female,38,no,English)
* martial arts teacher, female (412,f,25,yep,English)
* mashed and filling (442,F,49,no, but I do voice readings automatically,English)
* n. one who thinks deeply (419,m,17,no but i'm working on a new symbolist theory of my own,english)
* noun. Bulgarian grain used in making small fried cakes (430,,,,)
* peasant's frock (363,m,32,no,English)
* person who belongs to the john grisham fan club (366,female,37,no,english)
* religious guru; not a german word; don¥t know the engl. word (368,,,,)
* russian grizzly baby (433,m,50,starting to...,hungarian)
* skrit (408,male,51,no,american english)
* small (420,male,17,no,english)
* something that is placed around a platter of food to make the presnatation look good (440,female,39,no,English)
* to prepare for combat (426,male,31,no,english)

(n) an ancient piece of clothing worn around the arms (377,M,20,yes,english)
* 1. an asteroid in orbit around Mars 2. scar(s) left from hemmoroid removal 3. Phyllis' husband 4. reference made in the southern U.S to people who tell untruths (416,male,42,no,american (english))
* A docking wall used by a ship during low tide (414,Female,40,some (2 yrs Kototama),English)
* A heavy lars fell from the tree. We shared it with the puppies and kittens. (415,m,69,nope,english/)
* A rugged hilltop terrain type, strewn with patches of light grass and bare rock (401,M,20,No,English)
* A species of Scandinavian fish. (454,m,24,a little,english)
* A wide spoon for dipping (434,female,20,no,English)
* After 'scholars' which is 'people who study', I would define it as a group of people, a clique or group united by some special characteristic. (362,Male,30,no,English)
* It is close to catalan 'llar' (home) (406,male,32,no,catalan)
* Lars is the unknown planet hidden behind mars (405,female,45,no,english)
* Lars- a tennis shoe with the bottom flaps coming undone (450,female,20,no,Australian English)
* Not quite lieing while telling the truth (360,Male,27,no,english)
* Olympic champion (468,male,63,no,French)
* Scandianvian man's name. Not translatable as far as I know. But then, have studied and am still studying my own native language, Estonian. Have also learned German ar an early age, Russian in 1940, when the Russians came to Estonia and Russian was taught in school. Began studying English in 1942 at age 13. Later studied Latin for four years. Do not know if Lars means anything in Swedish or related languages. (446,male,72,no, not formally, just interested in sounds.,Estonian)
* Sounds Nordic. Picture a tall, broad man with blonde hair, blue eyes....viking type. (422,Female,47,No,English)
* This is a geographic description of a rock formation found on the coast under sandstone cliffs. A lars is like a shelf of volcanic corrigated rock (451,m,47,no,english(australian))
* Wealthy in material things. (431,F,55,no,English)
* a bird or something to do with the throat or a english descripitve name (457,male,21,no,english)
* a fraud (443,M,22,no,english)
* a large, hairy testicle (420,male,17,no,english)
* a larges flat plain bordered on two sides my forests (359,f,43,yes,English)
* a male name in French. (394,Female,19,no,English-America)
* a method of sarcasm where people 'kill with kindness' (467,female,42,,english)
* a place where people hang out (426,male,31,no,english)
* a swedish unmarried man (418,female,44,no,english)
* a tame animal, possibly a bear; not a german word; don¥t know the engl. word (368,,,,)
* a treat; round and tasty, like a lollipop. (469,Male,47,No,Canadian English)
* a type of clayey subsoil (381,f,63,no,engl)
* a type of flower, small, purple -- sort of like a violet (361,f,43,no,english)
* adj. strong, masculine (380,female,19,no,english)
* adjective. light, breezy, as in music. The music of Enya can only be described as lars. (430,,,,)
* after, post (363,m,32,no,English)
* an foreign guy (427,female,24,no,english)
* bed because it sounds lazy (382,female,18,no,english)
* big, strong and bulky (442,F,49,no, but I do voice readings automatically,English)
* deep, dark solid, cunning and sharp, but cuddly (463,f,36,no,english)
* groups of liars (374,F,,no,english)
* home (410,female,38,no,English)
* it seems to me like some plane in square shape mede of something like paper that cuts the air (465,female,20,no,serbian)
* laces (423,f,37,no,ialian)
* large bars of gold (366,female,37,no,english)
* lars - when something is normal, standard, a bit boring (403,Male,28,No,Swedish)
* liar or lariikan. a joker or someone fairly laidback. (373,f,18,no,English)
* norwegian lake in wintertime (433,m,50,starting to...,hungarian)
* open fields next to a shore line- gently sloped, somewhat rocky.. (392,M,51,No,English)
* pale-skinned (455,f,35,yes,English)
* people who don't tell the truth (440,female,39,no,English)
* pole (408,male,51,no,american english)
* somone who usually cries a lot; esp. without a definite or important reason. (438,male,25,no,spanish)
* strong, noble (453,female,20,nope,english)
* to be lazy (364,female,13,no,english)
* unusual situation (371,Male,19,No,English)
* wise (393,female,22,yes,English)
* without (466,female,47,no,english)

(mo-kay) Shout epithets. (431,F,55,no,English)
* (v) to make fun of something quietly (377,M,20,yes,english)
* 1. a fool; idiot 2. an acquaintance 3. a person having qualities of both of the above definitions (416,male,42,no,american (english))
* A long, duster like rain jacket. Can be found with a hood, but usually is topped by a high protective collar (392,M,51,No,English)
* A rope to be wound around a wooden wheel for traction, which can be replaced when it wears out (401,M,20,No,English)
* A very small one-man hut, extemporaneously constructed from mud, twigs, leaves, and grass. (454,m,24,a little,english)
* In Britain choking on food is very rude so it is faked as a cough called a moke. (450,female,20,no,Australian English)
* Lets 'moke a hay' (442,F,49,no, but I do voice readings automatically,English)
* Moke is an adjetive to describe hot in an old fashioned way, like they belong in a black and white picture, or movie. (402,Female,19,No,English)
* Moke? Moishe? Sounds like a nickname again, this time culturally suggestive of Hebrew man's name Moses or it's variations. (446,male,72,no, not formally, just interested in sounds.,Estonian)
* Mokes are small furry animals of Celtic snow mythology. They had magic powers of finding people in snow drifts and avalanches and then keeping them warm and alive until they were rescued. The survivors only had dim memories of the mokes who disappear as soon as help is at hand. (451,m,47,no,english(australian))
* Small stream (371,Male,19,No,English)
* Smoke that is about to clear (374,F,,no,english)
* There was a once a moke who received a poke. The bloke who gave the moke a poke said,'............'' (415,m,69,nope,english/)
* To hang around and not go away. Please don't moke at my house. (360,Male,27,no,english)
* Underground fissures created by lighting strikes (414,Female,40,some (2 yrs Kototama),English)
* Verb, definitely... Half way between Make and Smoke... How about, to make it difficult for another to see, not limited to physically such as by smoke screen, but by 'clouding' the issue with misleading words. (362,Male,30,no,English)
* Without 'S', you are nothing or typing error: should be 'a' instead of 'E' at the end (468,male,63,no,French)
* a calm, relaxed person (426,male,31,no,english)
* a classless individual, kind of a bum... He's a moke. It's pidgin English in Hawaii and a very common term used to describe and also as a term of endearment as in -- 'You moke you!.' (422,Female,47,No,English)
* a fake or imitaion (443,M,22,no,english)
* a friend who's being an idiot (363,m,32,no,English)
* a small, murky-brown amphibian (381,f,63,no,engl)
* bad joke (433,m,50,starting to...,hungarian)
* bland, lifeless (387,F,27,no,English)
* brown (463,f,36,no,english)
* coffee (423,f,37,no,ialian)
* food (408,male,51,no,american english)
* gullible (469,Male,47,No,Canadian English)
* hairy (420,male,17,no,english)
* hawaiian slang for 9-13 yr old boy (372,m,35,no,english)
* love, term of affection (466,female,47,no,english)
* moke - a weather condition when it is damp and cold (403,Male,28,No,Swedish)
* moke is a type of hard dried meat (405,female,45,no,english)
* moody and introverted (359,f,43,yes,English)
* my grandson trying to say smoke (418,female,44,no,english)
* playful, clever, a trickster (393,female,22,yes,English)
* puffing a cigar (440,female,39,no,English)
* raccoon (410,female,38,no,English)
* slothful, lethargic (412,f,25,yep,English)
* some sort of tool (382,female,18,no,english)
* something between a shuffle and a trudge to moke one's way across the room (404,,,,)
* something fluid brown (465,female,20,no,serbian)
* the name of my cat! (361,f,43,no,english)
* the smell inside of a cave (434,female,20,no,English)
* the spoke in the wheel of a moped (366,female,37,no,english)
* to make s.o. feel silly; not a german word; don¥t know the engl. word (368,,,,)
* to moke around, meaning to walk about with no intention or goal (470,male,25,no,norwegian)
* to poke fun at (467,female,42,,english)
* v. to parade (419,m,17,no but i'm working on a new symbolist theory of my own,english)
* verb, transitive. look around, pick, poke (in the garden or yard), as in After winter, I moke over the condition of my lawn in preparation for planting. (430,,,,)
* verb: to make= I made a chair, She moke one yesterday. (370,Male,22,no,English)

(n) a chemical used to stop rusting (377,M,20,yes,english)
* (no) adj. something considered to be saddening and also thought provoking, but not open emotional reaction such as crying. it reaches deeper than a saddness that excites tears. (379,F,20,no,english)
* 1. a hallucinogenic substance 2. plural for mundane (416,male,42,no,american (english))
* A mythical beast (371,Male,19,No,English)
* A quiet pool, a place of reflection and peace. (431,F,55,no,English)
* A temperate climate fruit tree. (414,Female,40,some (2 yrs Kototama),English)
* A very sweet smelling anasthetic that is administered intraveneously. (454,m,24,a little,english)
* Acne medication, a sav to be applied to the fast with a clean cotton ball. (370,Male,22,no,English)
* An afternoon spent in the garden is myrdene (450,female,20,no,Australian English)
* Could be slang for spoiled, screwed up. Sounds like a verb derived from the French 'merde'.Third person singular, past tense. Pronounced: mirdEn. (425,male,45,no,Hebrew)
* How much it sounds like a girl from Greece. Must be an ancient name. Have studied Bulfinch'es Mythology of Greece, but old age is robbing me of sharp memory of what names are in this veritable dome of information. Do not know any Myrdene, have seen Myrtle used as a name for a girl. (446,male,72,no, not formally, just interested in sounds.,Estonian)
* Myrdene is a bi-product of alchemy. When the lead doesn't quite turn into gold due to the impurity of the alchemists intentions one gets the sweet smelling myrdene. (451,m,47,no,english(australian))
* Oh,I love this ,sounds so mythical like some sirene (I used to write some impulsive nadrealistic 'poetry' there were always words like this bit Germanic ) (465,female,20,no,serbian)
* One who is able to easily channel- cosmically and/or spiritually. In thte dark ages one who was associated with witchcraft and who could bring forth the magical gremlins who were thought to control the weather and thus the crops (392,M,51,No,English)
* Sounds like a character in a fantasy novel. (402,Female,19,No,English)
* To be fresh without knowing it. (360,Male,27,no,english)
* USS spaceship of the 23rd Century (468,male,63,no,French)
* Word to describe the patterns made by tree roots, applied to a tract of land. For example, a meadow criss-crossed by game trails, or the meandering and splitting path of a fairly new stream across fairly flat land. Always applied in reference to how one thing effects another that is otherwise 'consistant' or 'serene' (362,Male,30,no,English)
* a level of sediment in a marsh or wetland (426,male,31,no,english)
* a lull (443,M,22,no,english)
* a shortened substance name for a chemical found in tanning lotion (363,m,32,no,English)
* a trail of color or sediment, such as stirred-up mud, in a flowing stream (401,M,20,No,English)
* a tree (361,f,43,no,english)
* a tropical drink (418,female,44,no,english)
* a. transluscent color, usually bluish or greenish n.pl. artifacts or creatures of mythical oceanic property, plural of myrda (419,m,17,no but i'm working on a new symbolist theory of my own,english)
* adjective. stodgy, in reference to women. Her myrdene attitude keeps her from experiencing new things. (430,,,,)
* an adjective describing a type of prehistoric jungle--the trees are proto-deciduous, slender, and not very tall (381,f,63,no,engl)
* an official ceremony committing two people to each other (440,female,39,no,English)
* chemical compound consisting of a carbon-carbon double bond (412,f,25,yep,English)
* eye drops brand banned by FDA (372,m,35,no,english)
* fabric used in draperies or evening gowns (434,female,20,no,English)
* forgotten french girlfriend (433,m,50,starting to...,hungarian)
* garden furniture, decoration (437,Female,22,A bit,English)
* head in charge (374,F,,no,english)
* high place (408,male,51,no,american english)
* large (420,male,17,no,english)
* medication (405,female,45,no,english)
* mirror of a girl (382,female,18,no,english)
* murderer (423,f,37,no,ialian)
* musical,melodious (466,female,47,no,english)
* myrdene - a kind of grass growing in marsh land (403,Male,28,No,Swedish)
* mysterious, exotic (455,f,35,yes,English)
* mythical witch of great proportions (442,F,49,no, but I do voice readings automatically,English)
* something whose worth is very little or null; esp. to refer to what someone has said or written. (438,male,25,no,spanish)
* stuffy (463,f,36,no,english)
* to depress another with bad news (467,female,42,,english)
* to round a corner very quickly on a bicycle (359,f,43,yes,English)
* valiant yet unsuccesful, 'a myrdene attempt' well-intentioned failure, 'a myrdene little novel' (404,,,,)
* watery (393,female,22,yes,English)
* wizard (410,female,38,no,English)

(noun) A dark red plant in the beet family. (436,female,19,no,English)
* 1. a scam 2. a precious stone (416,male,42,no,american (english))
* A diagram of some king (371,Male,19,No,English)
* A polish dumpling (414,Female,40,some (2 yrs Kototama),English)
* A vessel for collecting spittle (rok).Pronounced rukiA. Not a spittoon, for which there is another word. (425,male,45,no,Hebrew)
* An art of swordmanship refers to female fencing (450,female,20,no,Australian English)
* An east europian unit of currency. (454,m,24,a little,english)
* An eastern European food--some kind of spiced, unfamiliar vegetable rolled in leaves and cooked all day. (381,f,63,no,engl)
* If someone 'rukia's' just turn the other cheek (442,F,49,no, but I do voice readings automatically,English)
* Images of russia and snow covered fields aside... A challenging (hard) game, played with 'stones' that is similar to checkers (but not played strictly on the diagonal) whose name is derrived from a word meaning 'hardship' (thus the stones). (362,Male,30,no,English)
* Not conventionally attractive but particularly sensitive and kind. (431,F,55,no,English)
* Not quite a rookie. (360,Male,27,no,english)
* Rukia is the traditional obligation of gift receiving in central and north pacific island cultures. Not to be able to receive gifts with dignity, surprise and elegance is regarded as very un-rukia. (451,m,47,no,english(australian))
* Rukia? Ruka means hand in Russian, as I recall. Rukia is no given name, as far as I know. Have not seen this word before and cannot venture a guess about Rukia's meaning. (446,male,72,no, not formally, just interested in sounds.,Estonian)
* Soft, semi-sweet cheese (392,M,51,No,English)
* Still undiscovered fossil of the Kimmeridgian period (468,male,63,no,French)
* a beet-like vegetable (363,m,32,no,English)
* a combination of warm colors (426,male,31,no,english)
* a computer component (443,M,22,no,english)
* a female rookie (374,F,,no,english)
* a gem stone (361,f,43,no,english)
* a kind of glove (404,,,,)
* a low bog, especially one that is frozen (401,M,20,No,English)
* a type of foreign coin (467,female,42,,english)
* a very beautiful. young woman who is characteristically tender and understanding. (438,male,25,no,spanish)
* abrasive (469,Male,47,No,Canadian English)
* chatty and outgoing (359,f,43,yes,English)
* fat (420,male,17,no,english)
* flow (423,f,37,no,ialian)
* hammer (408,male,51,no,american english)
* loud bird living in th east of Australia. Makes often disturning noises (433,m,50,starting to...,hungarian)
* making a lot of noise (440,female,39,no,English)
* money in greek (418,female,44,no,english)
* n. any ancient religious practice based on numeric symbols (419,m,17,no but i'm working on a new symbolist theory of my own,english)
* noun. talisman made of copper, worn exclusively by divorced women looking for a man. Hey! Don't forget to wear your rukia to the party tonight. (430,,,,)
* poetry or money (410,female,38,no,English)
* questioning, dancing, ballet (463,f,36,no,english)
* rocky land (382,female,18,no,english)
* rukia - a plant disease. (403,Male,28,No,Swedish)
* some kind of stone..gem (457,male,21,no,english)
* sweet (393,female,22,yes,English)
* the core of an exotic fruit, maybe used in medicines by certain tribes (434,female,20,no,English)
* unit of monetary worth (466,female,47,no,english)

1. a mythical gift giver who lives in a desert 2. a skin irritation; rash (416,male,42,no,american (english))
* A folly- a country retreat (392,M,51,No,English)
* A nomadic desert nymph. (454,m,24,a little,english)
* A plot of freshly dug earth. (431,F,55,no,English)
* A sleeping matt (414,Female,40,some (2 yrs Kototama),English)
* An exclamation: I win! SANDHA! (370,Male,22,no,English)
* Interesting piece of junk (371,Male,19,No,English)
* Peak in Karakoram (Himalayas) (468,male,63,no,French)
* Sandha I would expect to meet in India. Would be a girl's name there. Probably again from an ancient word, meaning unknown to me. This sound may also be native to Arabic, sorry to say that I do not have a rudimentary knowledge of Arabic. Could converse in Arabic with my doctor, a young lady, who was born in Cairo, Egypt. (446,male,72,no, not formally, just interested in sounds.,Estonian)
* To take or remove (sans) something, in a way this is beneficial, such as the removing of a burden or the lightening of a load by sharing the burden. (362,Male,30,no,English)
* To toss sand at someone and run. (360,Male,27,no,english)
* What your childs head looks like after a day in the park sandbox (450,female,20,no,Australian English)
* a helping hand (467,female,42,,english)
* a psychological state (361,f,43,no,english)
* a small primitive dwelling (363,m,32,no,English)
* a strange and mysterious ritual in a remote nomadic culture--it has to do with the coming of age of young women. The secret is closely guarded: all we know is that the woman is clothed in bulky garments and covered, clothes and all with a yellowish powdery substance--probably yellow ochre. (381,f,63,no,engl)
* a type of melon (374,F,,no,english)
* a type of shawl, worn in temperate to desert climates (401,M,20,No,English)
* a very wide and colorful cotton skirt (359,f,43,yes,English)
* article of clothing (466,female,47,no,english)
* color (408,male,51,no,american english)
* confident, feminine, elegant, beach (463,f,36,no,english)
* dry climate (443,M,22,no,english)
* expletive. cool, great, excellent. Sandha! What a great movie. (430,,,,)
* footware (418,female,44,no,english)
* leader (393,female,22,yes,English)
* life is a funny place to be, it is everywhere like sand, haha (442,F,49,no, but I do voice readings automatically,English)
* place of meditation (382,female,18,no,english)
* pronounced 'san-tha' the th as in feather. a kind of teapot, not quite as big as a samovar, and used only for a special brew of tea, and only on certain religious events. (407,male,29,yes,English)
* putting on a sandal (for small kids) (433,m,50,starting to...,hungarian)
* religious text (426,male,31,no,english)
* sandal (410,female,38,no,English)
* sandha - to put things in layer on layer (403,Male,28,No,Swedish)
* sandhas are desert sand configurations found only in the deep deserts of central asia, sahara and australia. They appear as spiral patterns on the surface of high dunes. In fact they hide quicksand and are very dangerous as they move in unexplained ways. (451,m,47,no,english(australian))
* small grains of something found on the beach (440,female,39,no,English)
* sun-baked or sun-dried (434,female,20,no,English)
* tall (420,male,17,no,english)
* verb to take a long voyage, often filled with hardships. noun can refer to a life or voyage filled with difficulties (380,female,19,no,english)
* young girl (423,f,37,no,ialian)

(Italian surname) ser (423,f,37,no,ialian)
* (v) to look seriously at (377,M,20,yes,english)
* 1. an interjection, i.e. such as amen 2. a solar flare (416,male,42,no,american (english))
* A Indian dish consisting of disgusting undistinguishable concoctions (450,female,20,no,Australian English)
* A dance, usually accompanied by a solitary musician (434,female,20,no,English)
* A grim prediction (401,M,20,No,English)
* A heavenly body which orbits the central sun (414,Female,40,some (2 yrs Kototama),English)
* A large dog in outter europe. (360,Male,27,no,english)
* A sexually charged, almost licentious, girl. (454,m,24,a little,english)
* A verb that is specific to floating over an ocean. It can be in a dream, fairy tale or a power a superhero might have. (402,Female,19,No,English)
* A zesty spice for greek food (370,Male,22,no,English)
* An exotic piece of clothing, blanket, or rug. (391,female,47,not really,English)
* Delicate, ethereal, transparent. (431,F,55,no,English)
* Half of an inhabitant of Syria (468,male,63,no,French)
* He was most sirius.No one knew when the series would end. Siri siri boom deeay, sirie siri boom deeaye... (415,m,69,nope,english/)
* I know a once young lady, who was born in Tartu, Estonia, my home town. Her first name is Siiri. Origin unclear to me, suggests association to Sirius, can not tell you the etymology of the name Sirius. Just not as sharp as I once used to be, may have known once. Will follow your instructions and not look up definitions in any reference sources. (446,male,72,no, not formally, just interested in sounds.,Estonian)
* Like 'serious' it could mean 'somber'. But what comes to mind has more to do with 'song' especially loud, high, operatic. (and somber... :) (362,Male,30,no,English)
* Russian again. Sounds like a cosmonaut's name.... as in Siri _____. Sounds strong, independent, get a sense of dark hair and eyes, thin body, tall, healthy, handsome. (422,Female,47,No,English)
* Small grouping of bushes by a lane (371,Male,19,No,English)
* a long gowm worn in india (405,female,45,no,english)
* a minute, bald testicle (420,male,17,no,english)
* a shawl (427,female,24,no,english)
* a small brook that meanders and winds greatly as it travels (407,male,29,yes,English)
* a. visible, shining, luminous, as in a siri star (419,m,17,no but i'm working on a new symbolist theory of my own,english)
* adj. flowing, graceful, full of grace (380,female,19,no,english)
* adverb. severely. He was siri beaten by his lack of motivation. (430,,,,)
* an Indian food--possibly one made of lightly fried, seasoned yellow flower parts (381,f,63,no,engl)
* an indian insrument (364,female,13,no,english)
* an iranian entree (418,female,44,no,english)
* an upward climb toward some much desired destination (359,f,43,yes,English)
* around (466,female,47,no,english)
* beautiful (393,female,22,yes,English)
* chili from Vietnam/Thailand (372,m,35,no,english)
* clothing -- something Indian (sari is too strong in my mind) (361,f,43,no,english)
* delicate, intricate (453,female,20,nope,english)
* detailed (387,F,27,no,English)
* dress (410,female,38,no,English)
* emotionally unstable (366,female,37,no,english)
* fast, vertical and from the India area (463,f,36,no,english)
* mean spirted (443,M,22,no,english)
* means daughter of the stars and comes from the goddess Siritosa (451,m,47,no,english(australian))
* old engl. word for poem; not a german word; don¥t know the engl. word (368,,,,)
* on-top-of (469,Male,47,No,Canadian English)
* prefix re: patriarchal (363,m,32,no,English)
* royal; princess (455,f,35,yes,English)
* series of mishappenings (374,F,,no,english)
* siri - a sweet jam (403,Male,28,No,Swedish)
* siri: wind that turns people crazy (406,male,32,no,catalan)
* small scattered summertime stars in the south of India (433,m,50,starting to...,hungarian)
* someone who lays around the house doing nothing (440,female,39,no,English)
* spiritual star light (442,F,49,no, but I do voice readings automatically,English)
* star (382,female,18,no,english)
* star (408,male,51,no,american english)
* to deliver a message (426,male,31,no,english)
* to dress in flowing robes (467,female,42,,english)
* two wheeled buggy - horsedrawn. Usually used in summer months ind clement weather. (392,M,51,No,English)

(Iraqi name) strong man (423,f,37,no,ialian)
* (no) verb. to wander about with purpose, but not hurried or overwhelmed by the 'trek' (379,F,20,no,english)
* 1. a prehistoric structure (416,male,42,no,american (english))
* A clumsy idiot. (425,male,45,no,Hebrew)
* A means of fortone telling via stones (371,Male,19,No,English)
* A small lizard with glittery skin. (454,m,24,a little,english)
* A special tent--once used by nomads of the high steppes. Now Americans and Europeans have adopted the design--in synthetic, weatherproof, materials--for serious recreational camping in rugged mountain areas. (381,f,63,no,engl)
* A three-toed lizard which inhabits empty tortoise shells (414,Female,40,some (2 yrs Kototama),English)
* A weapon with a short blade, weilded with a long handle or swung form a short length of cord (401,M,20,No,English)
* Any item of exchange (used in bartering). (431,F,55,no,English)
* Hammer of some great warrior (465,female,20,no,serbian)
* Person who appears to be endowed with a great deal of knowledge of a spiritual nature, not all of which appears to be correct. You might say of a person like this, 'he is full of wisdom, but you have to take everything he says with a grain of salt...' (362,Male,30,no,English)
* Something to do with technology. A piece of a computer that does something important. (373,f,18,no,English)
* Sounds science-fictionish. Good alien name. It sounds very masculine, strong, good-looking. (422,Female,47,No,English)
* Tarek? Would associate this word with a name in Turkey. Have heard of a man's name Tarik, but do not remember where. Sorry, my ignorance about all of the words that exist World-Wide is showing. (446,male,72,no, not formally, just interested in sounds.,Estonian)
* The distance one can wallk in a day under ordinary circumstances (392,M,51,No,English)
* To burp and not say excuse me. (360,Male,27,no,english)
* a cookie or sweet snack (443,M,22,no,english)
* a creature from an unknown planet (374,F,,no,english)
* a high pointed tower in which is held hostage a person of importance (359,f,43,yes,English)
* a loose-fitting shirt worn by men when they want to relax (467,female,42,,english)
* a special kind of camel appearing on playing cards in some ancient games in north mongolia (433,m,50,starting to...,hungarian)
* a tent or lean-to of some kind, probably collapsable (434,female,20,no,English)
* a tool used in animal herding or husbandry, a grooming tool (361,f,43,no,english)
* a trek, journey trip (457,male,21,no,english)
* article of colthing (418,female,44,no,english)
* aziz (ask Sadam Hussein!) (468,male,63,no,French)
* book, especially the kind about religion or philosophy or science (382,female,18,no,english)
* butt (420,male,17,no,english)
* hauling a load over a hill or around a hill. (469,Male,47,No,Canadian English)
* hunter (393,female,22,yes,English)
* it's too tempting to make a star trek joke. (363,m,32,no,English)
* n. a scribe or one who records for future generations (419,m,17,no but i'm working on a new symbolist theory of my own,english)
* noun. person who counsels on matters of the heart. My tarek has advised that I wear my rukia at all times. (430,,,,)
* one who is wise and can make rice pudding (450,female,20,no,Australian English)
* pointy ears (410,female,38,no,English)
* rope (408,male,51,no,american english)
* solid, blocky, plotting, strong, trustworthy (463,f,36,no,english)
* something that is in pieces (440,female,39,no,English)
* stroll casually,saunter (466,female,47,no,english)
* tarek - a thing to hold many small things together (403,Male,28,No,Swedish)
* tareks are the devil saints and spirits of truckkers. They evolved from road sprite and carriage elves. (451,m,47,no,english(australian))
* the leader of a small group (426,male,31,no,english)
* to fly off half cocked and without semblence of decorum (412,f,25,yep,English)
* yoghurt based sauce from Morrocco (372,m,35,no,english)
* you gotta pay for this 'tarek' you are taking on this great path (442,F,49,no, but I do voice readings automatically,English)

Make up a one-syllable word meaning: to overwater
(451,m,47,no,english(australian)), Mirt (397,Male,34,No,American English), baque (380,female,19,no,english), baw (379,F,20,no,english), blup (468,male,63,no,French), blursh (359,f,43,yes,English), coap (434,female,20,no,English), colt (466,female,47,no,english), crench (401,M,20,No,English), cross (390,,,,), dge (408,male,51,no,american english), douse (391,female,47,not really,English), draink (467,female,42,,english), droob (431,F,55,no,English), drook (381,f,63,no,engl), drowdle (425,male,45,no,Hebrew), drown (378,female,36,no,english), drown (440,female,39,no,English), drown (452,,,,), dypu (414,Female,40,some (2 yrs Kototama),English), exess (457,male,21,no,english), falsh (410,female,38,no,English), flarsh (430,,,,), float (424,,,,), flobe (446,male,72,no, not formally, just interested in sounds.,Estonian), floosh (453,female,20,nope,english), frate (377,M,20,yes,english), gak (420,male,17,no,english), gloke (402,Female,19,No,English), glug (438,male,25,no,spanish), glush (407,male,29,yes,English), goosh (412,f,25,yep,English), gyst (y as in eye) (371,Male,19,No,English), hos (433,m,50,starting to...,hungarian), hydp (376,male,age: ,yes,english), moosh (454,m,24,a little,english), oae (375,femail,17,no,english), oll (382,female,18,no,english), omn (393,female,22,yes,English), ovw (368,,,,), owar (374,F,,no,english), pall (362,Male,30,no,English), plown (rhymes w/drown) (455,f,35,yes,English), plush (419,m,17,no but i'm working on a new symbolist theory of my own,english), pof (411,male,53,No,American), punge (363,m,32,no,English), raynt (416,male,42,no,american (english)), runk (361,f,43,no,english), seip (403,Male,28,No,Swedish), shh (423,f,37,no,ialian), skloosh (404,,,,), skorm (415,m,69,nope,english/), slad (436,female,19,no,English), slood (458,m,53,no,english), smush (469,Male,47,No,Canadian English), soak (462,,,,), splosh (463,f,36,no,english), splurb (426,male,31,no,english), spronge (442,F,49,no, but I do voice readings automatically,English), sprush (392,M,51,No,English), swaq (372,m,35,no,english), swosh (428,Female,20,not really,English), tange (370,Male,22,no,English), top (364,female,13,no,english), torc (360,Male,27,no,english), underwater (400,female,24,no,portuguese), up (405,female,45,no,english), wake (470,male,25,no,norwegian), wooosh (450,female,20,no,Australian English), wup (406,male,32,no,catalan)

Make up a one-syllable word meaning: the feeling you have when your back is close to the campfire
(371,Male,19,No,English), aaaaaaaaaaaaaa (450,female,20,no,Australian English), ahh (423,f,37,no,ialian), asp (438,male,25,no,spanish), beaker (470,male,25,no,norwegian), bire (374,F,,no,english), bot (408,male,51,no,american english), broff (425,male,45,no,Hebrew), bwurm (416,male,42,no,american (english)), chazz (454,m,24,a little,english), combustion (457,male,21,no,english), cot (391,female,47,not really,English), deat (377,M,20,yes,english), draise (434,female,20,no,English), fak (420,male,17,no,english), fosck (380,female,19,no,english), froul (468,male,63,no,French), garf (451,m,47,no,english(australian)), gloops (406,male,32,no,catalan), glupt (458,m,53,no,english), gorm (469,Male,47,No,Canadian English), ha (368,,,,), ha (375,femail,17,no,english), hai (442,F,49,no, but I do voice readings automatically,English), hain (419,m,17,no but i'm working on a new symbolist theory of my own,english), heat (462,,,,), horm (453,female,20,nope,english), hot (378,female,36,no,english), hot (405,female,45,no,english), hot (424,,,,), hot (440,female,39,no,English), hurm (379,F,20,no,english), hwott (401,M,20,No,English), karm (455,f,35,yes,English), kom (426,male,31,no,english), leet (446,male,72,no, not formally, just interested in sounds.,Estonian), mann (362,Male,30,no,English), marme (431,F,55,no,English), melz (463,f,36,no,english), merr (393,female,22,yes,English), milch (466,female,47,no,english), mooz (403,Male,28,No,Swedish), ockh (376,male,age: ,yes,english), rahm (382,female,18,no,english), ratch (359,f,43,yes,English), reest (363,m,32,no,English), ryn (433,m,50,starting to...,hungarian), sad (400,female,24,no,portuguese), serg (360,Male,27,no,english), shwa (414,Female,40,some (2 yrs Kototama),English), smarmm (412,f,25,yep,English), smirmy (430,,,,), soan (443,M,22,no,english), surn (407,male,29,yes,English), tarn (370,Male,22,no,English), teese (361,f,43,no,english), trass (436,female,19,no,English), warfy (381,f,63,no,engl), warm (364,female,13,no,english), wath (410,female,38,no,English), whooshed (415,m,69,nope,english/), woo (390,,,,), woof (402,Female,19,No,English), wow (452,,,,), wymb (467,female,42,,english), yestle (392,M,51,No,English)

Make up a one-syllable word meaning: the 6:00 telemarketing surge
(364,female,13,no,english), bad (440,female,39,no,English), bein (380,female,19,no,english), bilch (466,female,47,no,english), blurrn (443,M,22,no,english), bruff (428,Female,20,not really,English), ching (414,Female,40,some (2 yrs Kototama),English), critch (402,Female,19,No,English), crix (425,male,45,no,Hebrew), dang (431,F,55,no,English), dinnermark (430,,,,), doph (468,male,63,no,French), druff (469,Male,47,No,Canadian English), foum (436,female,19,no,English), frange (392,M,51,No,English), frath (393,female,22,yes,English), freep (454,m,24,a little,english), fruing (453,female,20,nope,english), fun (376,male,age: ,yes,english), furge (362,Male,30,no,English), greezh (381,f,63,no,engl), grop (470,male,25,no,norwegian), grr (411,male,53,No,American), gway (410,female,38,no,English), ha (390,,,,), inane (457,male,21,no,english), kinsch (412,f,25,yep,English), klafe (458,m,53,no,english), loud (405,female,45,no,english), marg (373,f,18,no,English), moos (433,m,50,starting to...,hungarian), nono (375,femail,17,no,english), noooooooooooo (450,female,20,no,Australian English), nop (438,male,25,no,spanish), noy (379,F,20,no,english), noyt (361,f,43,no,english), oh (368,,,,), ohh (423,f,37,no,ialian), onre (401,M,20,No,English), pain (452,,,,), pansh (371,Male,19,No,English), phode (419,m,17,no but i'm working on a new symbolist theory of my own,english), plean (403,Male,28,No,Swedish), plose (382,female,18,no,english), poim (442,F,49,no, but I do voice readings automatically,English), rak (420,male,17,no,english), relk (363,m,32,no,English), rush (462,,,,), ruundle (467,female,42,,english), shezz (426,male,31,no,english), shi (408,male,51,no,american english), shier (406,male,32,no,catalan), shing (434,female,20,no,English), shkorm (359,f,43,yes,English), smodge (451,m,47,no,english(australian)), splam (463,f,36,no,english), szate (377,M,20,yes,english), tems (446,male,72,no, not formally, just interested in sounds.,Estonian), terge (374,F,,no,english), trok (372,m,35,no,english), unplug (378,female,36,no,english), ving (415,m,69,nope,english/), vwab (370,Male,22,no,English), wrang (407,male,29,yes,English), yada (391,female,47,not really,English), yark (360,Male,27,no,english), yitch (416,male,42,no,american (english))

Make up a one-syllable word meaning: the gait of a Miss America contetant
(368,,,,), arrogance (378,female,36,no,english), caks (463,f,36,no,english), colt (372,m,35,no,english), e (390,,,,), eh (373,f,18,no,English), flay (402,Female,19,No,English), flet (363,m,32,no,English), gaff (428,Female,20,not really,English), gaim (371,Male,19,No,English), gant (415,m,69,nope,english/), gawning (470,male,25,no,norwegian), gip (446,male,72,no, not formally, just interested in sounds.,Estonian), girl (364,female,13,no,english), gomac (374,F,,no,english), gwalk (410,female,38,no,English), huh (452,,,,), lak (420,male,17,no,english), lee (379,F,20,no,english), li (408,male,51,no,american english), lill (469,Male,47,No,Canadian English), lithe (412,f,25,yep,English), lol (375,femail,17,no,english), lond (403,Male,28,No,Swedish), lurt (361,f,43,no,english), maltz (454,m,24,a little,english), merp (360,Male,27,no,english), nuts (405,female,45,no,english), oupes (451,m,47,no,english(australian)), pauw (434,female,20,no,English), pend (426,male,31,no,english), punk (462,,,,), quash (468,male,63,no,French), quoove (416,male,42,no,american (english)), roess (419,m,17,no but i'm working on a new symbolist theory of my own,english), rorp (392,M,51,No,English), saft (436,female,19,no,English), sesh (407,male,29,yes,English), shat (442,F,49,no, but I do voice readings automatically,English), shine (457,male,21,no,english), sho (414,Female,40,some (2 yrs Kototama),English), sis (433,m,50,starting to...,hungarian), siw (406,male,32,no,catalan), slawt (382,female,18,no,english), slinny (467,female,42,,english), slounter (430,,,,), slow (440,female,39,no,English), smorsh (458,m,53,no,english), splen (393,female,22,yes,English), sprink (381,f,63,no,engl), strance (455,f,35,yes,English), stroom (377,M,20,yes,english), subtt (376,male,age: ,yes,english), swaft (466,female,47,no,english), swalt (362,Male,30,no,English), swan (431,F,55,no,English), swang (453,female,20,nope,english), swinkle (425,male,45,no,Hebrew), swip (438,male,25,no,spanish), swla (423,f,37,no,ialian), tlite (401,M,20,No,English), trit (391,female,47,not really,English), weeeeeeeeeeee (450,female,20,no,Australian English), weest (359,f,43,yes,English), yei (380,female,19,no,english)

Make up a one-syllable word meaning: the smell of smoking electronic components
(455,f,35,yes,English), Froke (371,Male,19,No,English), ace (406,male,32,no,catalan), acrn (453,female,20,nope,english), arkd (454,m,24,a little,english), armhe (pronounced arm) (372,m,35,no,english), bak (420,male,17,no,english), brast (376,male,age: ,yes,english), brate (377,M,20,yes,english), bro (402,Female,19,No,English), brrinch (392,M,51,No,English), dunge (466,female,47,no,english), erk (360,Male,27,no,english), finge (430,,,,), flinge (458,m,53,no,english), foke (407,male,29,yes,English), forb (415,m,69,nope,english/), frap (438,male,25,no,spanish), friz (426,male,31,no,english), fruzzd (467,female,42,,english), frykes (425,male,45,no,Hebrew), fue (414,Female,40,some (2 yrs Kototama),English), fue (436,female,19,no,English), gremb (403,Male,28,No,Swedish), ick (462,,,,), jage (370,Male,22,no,English), jomck (416,male,42,no,american (english)), kiz (463,f,36,no,english), krar (393,female,22,yes,English), meldt (419,m,17,no but i'm working on a new symbolist theory of my own,english), nausia (457,male,21,no,english), nss (423,f,37,no,ialian), nuste (361,f,43,no,english), oit (442,F,49,no, but I do voice readings automatically,English), oosh (446,male,72,no, not formally, just interested in sounds.,Estonian), ozn (401,M,20,No,English), peuw (374,F,,no,english), plarr (451,m,47,no,english(australian)), pog (433,m,50,starting to...,hungarian), pragh (468,male,63,no,French), prog (373,f,18,no,English), resp (359,f,43,yes,English), rof (375,femail,17,no,english), scryge (363,m,32,no,English), shweck (465,female,20,no,serbian), skunk (sorry, that's what came up!) (362,Male,30,no,English), smedge (431,F,55,no,English), smug (390,,,,), snitz (412,f,25,yep,English), snoff (391,female,47,not really,English), staik (382,female,18,no,english), stec (408,male,51,no,american english), stew (450,female,20,no,Australian English), stinks (440,female,39,no,English), stonk (396,female,41,at home for fun,english), strark (381,f,63,no,engl), stringe (470,male,25,no,norwegian), swa (368,,,,), treach (434,female,20,no,English), ursh (410,female,38,no,English), wec (380,female,19,no,english), yuch (405,female,45,no,english), yuk (378,female,36,no,english), zain (379,F,20,no,english)

Make up a one-syllable word meaning: the shape of a football
(450,female,20,no,Australian English), Fround (371,Male,19,No,English), ack (462,,,,), blark (381,f,63,no,engl), blaug (401,M,20,No,English), blong (412,f,25,yep,English), blowp (359,f,43,yes,English), blurg (407,male,29,yes,English), bork (406,male,32,no,catalan), bou (414,Female,40,some (2 yrs Kototama),English), brong (382,female,18,no,english), cilk (438,male,25,no,spanish), ect (428,Female,20,not really,English), egd (391,female,47,not really,English), elb shaped (415,m,69,nope,english/), ell (408,male,51,no,american english), elp (410,female,38,no,English), eound (377,M,20,yes,english), fark (362,Male,30,no,English), flegg (394,Female,19,no,English-America), foobt (467,female,42,,english), foval (430,,,,), glemp (392,M,51,No,English), groth (468,male,63,no,French), hoo (442,F,49,no, but I do voice readings automatically,English), hove (425,male,45,no,Hebrew), lorb (426,male,31,no,english), mak (420,male,17,no,english), mong (403,Male,28,No,Swedish), mund (402,Female,19,No,English), ndo (423,f,37,no,ialian), o (390,,,,), ob (379,F,20,no,english), oblong (457,male,21,no,english), obse (380,female,19,no,english), ong (455,f,35,yes,English), opp (446,male,72,no, not formally, just interested in sounds.,Estonian), ornd (431,F,55,no,English), orv (361,f,43,no,english), oval (378,female,36,no,english), oval (405,female,45,no,english), ove (454,m,24,a little,english), ovf (451,m,47,no,english(australian)), pear (440,female,39,no,English), pegg (396,female,41,at home for fun,english), phoost (363,m,32,no,English), pik (375,femail,17,no,english), plit (393,female,22,yes,English), prant (466,female,47,no,english), pround (419,m,17,no but i'm working on a new symbolist theory of my own,english), purm (469,Male,47,No,Canadian English), roar (470,male,25,no,norwegian), round (368,,,,), round (424,,,,), round (UK) ovd (US) (372,m,35,no,english), seph (433,m,50,starting to...,hungarian), slape (458,m,53,no,english), smelp (453,female,20,nope,english), splipz (463,f,36,no,english), swapse (421,f,14,no,english), sylph (436,female,19,no,English), terbt (416,male,42,no,american (english)), tob (434,female,20,no,English), trop (373,f,18,no,English), tumoo (374,F,,no,english), urkenel (376,male,age: ,yes,english), vawn (370,Male,22,no,English), zerp (360,Male,27,no,english)

Make up a one-syllable word for: the teenage style of wearing pants so baggy, your underwear show
(430,,,,), baz (374,F,,no,english), borve (436,female,19,no,English), brons (376,male,age: ,yes,english), dow (like go with a d) (407,male,29,yes,English), drack (455,f,35,yes,English), dram (393,female,22,yes,English), ewwwwwwwww (450,female,20,no,Australian English), fellt (362,Male,30,no,English), fram (431,F,55,no,English), frunk (381,f,63,no,engl), gance (463,f,36,no,english), grob (426,male,31,no,english), grund (359,f,43,yes,English), haha (375,femail,17,no,english), hip (424,,,,), hobdon (421,f,14,no,english), ih (368,,,,), jap (438,male,25,no,spanish), jash (401,M,20,No,English), kool (415,m,69,nope,english/), koz (379,F,20,no,english), larme (392,M,51,No,English), lock (390,,,,), lout (468,male,63,no,French), low (405,female,45,no,english), mep (360,Male,27,no,english), moop (454,m,24,a little,english), mung (380,female,19,no,english), nak (420,male,17,no,english), phast (371,Male,19,No,English), ponk (446,male,72,no, not formally, just interested in sounds.,Estonian), pu (414,Female,40,some (2 yrs Kototama),English), pung (434,female,20,no,English), quam (442,F,49,no, but I do voice readings automatically,English), quap (373,f,18,no,English), sad (440,female,39,no,English), sag (378,female,36,no,english), sag (462,,,,), saging (457,male,21,no,english), schlock (425,male,45,no,Hebrew), sheel (469,Male,47,No,Canadian English), shees (433,m,50,starting to...,hungarian), shoom (382,female,18,no,english), slack (470,male,25,no,norwegian), slav (408,male,51,no,american english), slaz (361,f,43,no,english), slog (391,female,47,not really,English), slomph (453,female,20,nope,english), slong (363,m,32,no,English), sloup (412,f,25,yep,English), slung (372,m,35,no,english), smeil (451,m,47,no,english(australian)), snead (403,Male,28,No,Swedish), snook (410,female,38,no,English), squeeg (419,m,17,no but i'm working on a new symbolist theory of my own,english), stank (370,Male,22,no,English), strop (377,M,20,yes,english), swelt (466,female,47,no,english), swul (423,f,37,no,ialian), troon (416,male,42,no,american (english)), trunct (458,m,53,no,english), ug (402,Female,19,No,English), waq (467,female,42,,english), wisp (406,male,32,no,catalan)

Make up a one-syllable word for: a beautiful sunset
(371,Male,19,No,English), ahhhh (440,female,39,no,English), ahhhhhhh (450,female,20,no,Australian English), arss (360,Male,27,no,english), aul (382,female,18,no,english), auooo (451,m,47,no,english(australian)), awe (405,female,45,no,english), ayle (393,female,22,yes,English), beauche (466,female,47,no,english), beus (374,F,,no,english), blane (370,Male,22,no,English), blest (396,female,41,at home for fun,english), boud (442,F,49,no, but I do voice readings automatically,English), bow (470,male,25,no,norwegian), crewn (373,f,18,no,English), drok (468,male,63,no,French), dusk (424,,,,), fairne (412,f,25,yep,English), frect (401,M,20,No,English), fwoosh (359,f,43,yes,English), guo (406,male,32,no,catalan), hew (438,male,25,no,spanish), hiys (419,m,17,no but i'm working on a new symbolist theory of my own,english), jace (j-ay-ce) (362,Male,30,no,English), lasgn (436,female,19,no,English), lood (446,male,72,no, not formally, just interested in sounds.,Estonian), mer (375,femail,17,no,english), merr (469,Male,47,No,Canadian English), morsch (392,M,51,No,English), mung (415,m,69,nope,english/), oak (420,male,17,no,english), org (408,male,51,no,american english), paze (434,female,20,no,English), peyst (416,male,42,no,american (english)), plahd (361,f,43,no,english), prooze (381,f,63,no,engl), rah (454,m,24,a little,english), reaint (467,female,42,,english), res (403,Male,28,No,Swedish), roms (380,female,19,no,english), rong (433,m,50,starting to...,hungarian), saz (379,F,20,no,english), schlopp (458,m,53,no,english), sel (407,male,29,yes,English), serenity (457,male,21,no,english), shawn (391,female,47,not really,English), skilt (410,female,38,no,English), sky (462,,,,), solthereal (430,,,,), soul (423,f,37,no,ialian), spectacular (378,female,36,no,english), sules (363,m,32,no,English), sve (402,Female,19,No,English), sweala (421,f,14,no,english), swoove (425,male,45,no,Hebrew), tao (414,Female,40,some (2 yrs Kototama),English), trawe (463,f,36,no,english), trille (431,F,55,no,English), uh (368,,,,), wa (426,male,31,no,english), wen (453,female,20,nope,english), wow (390,,,,), yaln (465,female,20,no,serbian), yane (377,M,20,yes,english), zesp (376,male,age: ,yes,english), zeve (rhymes w/eve) (455,f,35,yes,English)

Make up a one-syllable word for: asphalt so hot it gets a little sticky
(371,Male,19,No,English), ast (374,F,,no,english), aurch (442,F,49,no, but I do voice readings automatically,English), bluhr (361,f,43,no,english), brack (433,m,50,starting to...,hungarian), can (405,female,45,no,english), dak (407,male,29,yes,English), ferp (360,Male,27,no,english), foit (393,female,22,yes,English), frickle (421,f,14,no,english), garm (463,f,36,no,english), glip (401,M,20,No,English), glop (453,female,20,nope,english), glue (440,female,39,no,English), gopt (458,m,53,no,english), gorc (376,male,age: ,yes,english), gringe (470,male,25,no,norwegian), gruck (455,f,35,yes,English), grush (451,m,47,no,english(australian)), gung (454,m,24,a little,english), hoootch (467,female,42,,english), hotar (391,female,47,not really,English), hyte (363,m,32,no,English), ik (375,femail,17,no,english), insh (410,female,38,no,English), ippy (446,male,72,no, not formally, just interested in sounds.,Estonian), kragh (468,male,63,no,French), kug (362,Male,30,no,English), melp (377,M,20,yes,english), ohk (382,female,18,no,english), os (408,male,51,no,american english), otch (379,F,20,no,english), pash (438,male,25,no,spanish), phalt (370,Male,22,no,English), phaltz (425,male,45,no,Hebrew), plasky (430,,,,), plix (419,m,17,no but i'm working on a new symbolist theory of my own,english), redifine (457,male,21,no,english), rorn (412,f,25,yep,English), saunt (466,female,47,no,english), schtrack (381,f,63,no,engl), shof (406,male,32,no,catalan), shuc (414,Female,40,some (2 yrs Kototama),English), slick (390,,,,), slirk (359,f,43,yes,English), smuff (373,f,18,no,English), sonk (434,female,20,no,English), spret (436,female,19,no,English), sqa (423,f,37,no,ialian), steeck (428,Female,20,not really,English), strensk (403,Male,28,No,Swedish), swot (372,m,35,no,english), tar (462,,,,), tarf (431,F,55,no,English), teek (402,Female,19,No,English), trag (426,male,31,no,english), ugh (450,female,20,no,Australian English), urlte (392,M,51,No,English), wak (420,male,17,no,english), woy (380,female,19,no,english), yuk (378,female,36,no,english), zolck (416,male,42,no,american (english)), zorph (415,m,69,nope,english/)

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