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* it makes me think of either an explosion, or a bafoon,.. and possibly even im not sure i think thats all:) (809,F,17,no,English)
* large sack for carrying proviant (810,male,35,no,Slovenian)
* sound of the crashing wave,a person who disturbs peace by coming unexpectedly (811,female,33,no,russian)
* 'Kick': (actual slang word in the North East of England as in "I was BOOFED out of the class for messing about!") (813,male,english,no,english)
* Something that disapeares (814,FEMALE,50,NO,ENGLISH)
* boof- is a place (815,Female,21,no,Spanish and English)
* An explective for tiredness. Or for "I'm fed up with your nonsense, arrogance, indiference" (not yours, actually, more his...) (816,Female,44,No,Portuguese)
* to fail (817,,,,)
* I don't know the word but it seems as if somebody is walking with a heavy step. I'd rather characterize it "heavy" (818,female,29,Yes,Russian)
* a way of shocking people into making unwise decisions. Related to scam. (819,m,40,no,swedish)
* verb, to hit with something soft - to boof someone with a pillow for example (820,female,19,no,english)
* A bad hair doo (821,male,38,no,english)
* a stupid person (822,female,50,North County Times,English)
* a word used to note how something has just disappeared (823,Male,25,slightly,English)
* to lightly kick an object in an arching pattern (825,Female,28,No (but I've studied and am studying English literature and the English language).,English)
* boof is a sound. when a body falls from a very high place to an air filled bag (or bed or whatever) the sound of the impact is ...BOOF! I use it a lot but do not know of anybody else using it. (e.g. a boofy matress) (826,f,32,no,greek)
* Already defined -- what I say to tell my dog, nicknamed Boo, to move. (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguistics,english)
* The noise a dog makes when he/she is confused. (828,Female,82,No,English)
* poo (829,male,11,no,french)
* It's the sound of a hit when I smack my one friend (830,Female,15,No,English)
* either a vendor's stand or a mistake (832,female,20,no,english)
* grill (833,m,56,no,spanish)
* N. (Gk.Oboof)- a cuchortal of the wind that exists the lungs as one laughs. (834,male,19,no,english)
* to push (835,male,30,no,english)
* bufo- clown, low frequency sound like a woofer speaker (836,m,66+-4,no,Spanish)
* A mistake which results in personal humiliation (838,,,,)
* to express or be not really annoyed but dismissive or also amused by a trifling or silly thing. A clowning downgrading. (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetry,english)
* an expression of dismay and disbelief (841,m,44,no,english)
* shoe (842,female,26,no,english)
* a mistake (843,female,18,yes,russian)
* an idoit proof spleen (844,female,18,not really,english)
* a backfiring poof a explosion sound (846,male,28,no,english)
* a hard nudge (847,female,43,no,english)
* adjective- sweet cute, like a puppy in ribbons (848,female,27,no,spanish)
* 1) bummer! but slightly tired as in "what a boof.." (849,female,30,no,russian)
* A roof for bears (850,,,,)
* n. A puffy explosion of something soft, like human hair or cat fur. adjective "boofy". also a verb describing the act of said puffy explosion. EXAMPLE: I once saw penguins molting, such that every time they shifted their weight or moved in any other very slight way, little feathers boofed out in all directions. (851,female,22,yes,english)
* an unattractive woman (852,M,20,no,American English (southern Maine))
* a large, poofy hairdo or perhaps an ignorant fool who has no idea what is going on. (853,female,22,just starting to,english)
* When a mistake happens all of a sudden and it surprises everyone! Like a fart. (854,female,25,no,American English)
* to voilently push or shove a person (855,male,18,I know someone who does,polish)
* This expletive was born when Henry of England met his future mate from Aquitaine. Her first impression was "hoaf" . His answer wa "boof"(bad cold, it had rained a lot during that waring escapade). Meaning: see if I care (856,,,,)
* a mistake (857,Male,20,not at length,English)
* adj. Soft and comforting, esp. of a skin sensation. I feel "boof" if I touch my skin with velvet, short fur, bread dough, a balloon... (858,female,33,no,English(london))
* to bounce (859,female,15,no,english)
* a fool (a slang term in Australia) (860,male,49,yes,English)
* boo:Shout of disaproval or contempt. (861,Female,14,no,English)
* a mistake (863,m,25,no,eng)
* a hore's foot (864,girl,17,no,afrikaans)
* A loud noise or sound. (865,,,,)
* £», (867,man,30,no,chinese)
* to strike someone, but with an insulating layer so that the blow does no damage. (868,f,53,no,eng)
* vb. To hit someone in a friendly way which makes a loud noise but doesn't hurt. (869,F,51,yes,english)
* verb - to push or punch someone (870,male,42,no,english)
* a flamboyantly homosexual man, one who acts as in a flamboyant manner (871,M,36,No,English)
* boof, v.t. : to goof up in a fumbling way. "He boofed that grounder until he had no chance to throw the runner out." (872,maleboof,fifty plus,no,American English)
* The sound generated by a human when struck in the chest by object or person resulting in the person being winded (873,Male,22,No,English)
* a buffoon who tries to move gracefully but bumps around quite umm (874,,,,)


* maked me think of a meal.. like a dish.... (809,F,17,no,English)
* easily swallowed, adj (810,male,35,no,Slovenian)
* thoes belonging to dieties or devals (811,female,33,no,russian)
* Eat Quickly. (813,male,english,no,english)
* Leaving in a hurry, to avoid someone you don't want to meet. (816,Female,44,No,Portuguese)
* to lend (817,,,,)
* don't know but I'd define it as as a bang or gong as if some object has fallen with great noise. In Russian we have "äûù" - dish. (818,female,29,Yes,Russian)
* a texture, like a deash hood on the car. It's soft and shiny. (819,m,40,no,swedish)
* a tool or utensil (822,female,50,North County Times,English)
* to run quickly (825,Female,28,No (but I've studied and am studying English literature and the English language).,English)
* death by drowning in mud (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguistics,english)
* The ash on a lighted cigarette or cigar just before it falls off. (828,Female,82,No,English)
* weeeeee (829,male,11,no,french)
* It's the sound of an insult that I call my friend (830,Female,15,No,English)
* torn fur (832,female,20,no,english)
* water (833,m,56,no,spanish)
* Boh...non lo so come se dice. (834,male,19,no,english)
* plate-something skidding (836,m,66+-4,no,Spanish)
* a mark distinguishing one word from another (838,,,,)
* a sideways, oblique maneuver like when you look away or even are intrigued but think it's better to avoid (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetry,english)
* whats left over from defire (840,female,37,no,english)
* dish (842,female,26,no,english)
* to spin in a square (844,female,18,not really,english)
* a vegetable (847,female,43,no,english)
* 1) a connector (849,female,30,no,russian)
* A leash for dead animals (850,,,,)
* v. (archaic) To draw water from a well by means of a crank and bucket. (851,female,22,yes,english)
* to cause a retreat (852,M,20,no,American English (southern Maine))
* the last, final sprint you make to the finish line in a race- but only if you are the loser. (853,female,22,just starting to,english)
* It's just an exclamation when used like "shish" (854,female,25,no,American English)
* My dog deashes. That pesky pouch dashes when wearing a leash. (856,,,,)
* a food (857,Male,20,not at length,English)
* to swirl or to boil or to steep like tea (859,female,15,no,english)
* a hard leather leash (860,male,49,yes,English)
* shade:to shelter from light or heat. (861,Female,14,no,English)
* a plate (864,girl,17,no,afrikaans)
* À¿Õ (867,man,30,no,chinese)
* this is an action that results in the receiving party losing something, being subtracted in some way. It has vicious intent. (868,f,53,no,eng)
* n. a light rain shower with the sun shining through. (869,F,51,yes,english)
* To break apart into small parts or pieces (871,M,36,No,English)
* Slang meaning unlucky, something bad ocurring to another person or object that effects you in a negative way e.g "Your dog was run over! Deash!" (873,Male,22,No,English)


* honk... a horn... one that sounds like a dead quacking duck though.. haha (809,F,17,no,English)
* to take shortcuts recklessly (810,male,35,no,Slovenian)
* to keep in possetion without sharing (811,female,33,no,russian)
* Making silly noises. (813,male,english,no,english)
* The bump of two medium-weight objects that will probably dent (816,Female,44,No,Portuguese)
* failure (817,,,,)
* scroop or in Russian ñêðèï (818,female,29,Yes,Russian)
* a very awkward place to stuff something into for storage. Maybe in a sailboat. (819,m,40,no,swedish)
* stupid comical person (820,female,19,no,english)
* liberal, democrat, punk rockers (821,male,38,no,english)
* a loud sound (822,female,50,North County Times,English)
* to have sex with (823,Male,25,slightly,English)
* to have intercourse (825,Female,28,No (but I've studied and am studying English literature and the English language).,English)
* Scronk is also a sound, made by metal scrubing against metal. Mostly cartoon UFOs.(!) (826,f,32,no,greek)
* to bonk someone in the head using a tool (something not normally used as a weapon) (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguistics,english)
* "You are a dirty scronk!" (828,Female,82,No,English)
* boob (829,male,11,no,french)
* the name for the smelly scent of a skunk.........phew!!!!!! (830,Female,15,No,English)
* a scratched nose (832,female,20,no,english)
* water (833,m,56,no,spanish)
* A sound also refered to as the sound a rubber chicken makes. (834,male,19,no,english)
* drunk (836,m,66+-4,no,Spanish)
* something that is bad and stinks. (837,female,24,no,Spanish)
* a Large apelike creature whose lack of mobility makes his strong sexual drive quite a contrary force.... Wherever that came out of.. (838,,,,)
* to stop unceremoniously or with painful dull uncertainty or sheer necessity (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetry,english)
* person of low intelligence (840,female,37,no,english)
* an imaginary being - from an epic fantasy (841,m,44,no,english)
* harsh noise, like duck (842,female,26,no,english)
* mean person (843,female,18,yes,russian)
* to fall madly in love (844,female,18,not really,english)
* an attitude or person (847,female,43,no,english)
* 1) chipped piece of wood (849,female,30,no,russian)
* What you get when a skunk mates with a squirrel (850,,,,)
* n. Shear-like tool used to prune fruit trees, especially when pollarding. (851,female,22,yes,english)
* cache or camouflaged refuge (852,M,20,no,American English (southern Maine))
* a male "skank" (853,female,22,just starting to,english)
* Something that is nasty smelling. Or someone that is a low life or looks shabby. (854,female,25,no,American English)
* Mix of scroll and plonk. ie My computer scronked. It lost the page or document as it scrolled on the screen. Verb (856,,,,)
* onnmatopoeia word (857,Male,20,not at length,English)
* noun. An injury involving broken bone and external blood loss. (858,female,33,no,English(london))
* to hit someone in a violent matter with a tool (859,female,15,no,english)
* to crush paper into a ball in your hand (860,male,49,yes,English)
* drunk (864,girl,17,no,afrikaans)
* A religious worker, working for the local church. (865,,,,)
* À-<È (867,man,30,no,chinese)
* this is a part of the anatomy of some unknown species. It decends (hangs down) from the main body. (868,f,53,no,eng)
* vb. means the same as 'scrunch' -- to crush paper up into a crumply ball. (869,F,51,yes,english)
* verb - to crumple (870,male,42,no,english)
* scronk, n. : The a sound that combines the elements of (872,maleboof,fifty plus,no,American English)
* A word used to describe a person involved with underhand or fraudulent acitivity harming or allowing harm to come to those who or frail or infirm. (873,Male,22,No,English)
* to crumple somthing slightly wet and moist (874,,,,)


* makes me think of a hill made from silk (809,F,17,no,English)
* small pouch for carrying medicines (810,male,35,no,Slovenian)
* jumping from one hill to another (811,female,33,no,russian)
* a personal mountain that must be overcome. an obstacle in the way of true destiny. (812,female,24,no,english)
* Put heavy load on shoulders. (813,male,english,no,english)
* A humorous burp (816,Female,44,No,Portuguese)
* to dole out (817,,,,)
* A verb, You hilk something. Probably related to some old handicraft such as felting wool. (819,m,40,no,swedish)
* to hitch up, (820,female,19,no,english)
* something you wear (822,female,50,North County Times,English)
* to pull someting upwards to the next notch to take advantage of a ratcheting effect. (823,Male,25,slightly,English)
* a weakling; the opposite of a hulk (825,Female,28,No (but I've studied and am studying English literature and the English language).,English)
* part of an exotic weapon (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguistics,english)
* What a person does when hiking up a hill. (828,Female,82,No,English)
* dick (829,male,11,no,french)
* My cousin dave when he's out on his "farm" (830,Female,15,No,English)
* a hiking contraption (832,female,20,no,english)
* cow (833,m,56,no,spanish)
* hill billy (836,m,66+-4,no,Spanish)
* a hilk is part of a gun which is part of the trigger operation (838,,,,)
* to move in a slinking and slouching way but narrower or more sideways than hulking or perhaps to move an object up and down or sporadically, one side then other--or even to pull, be pulled in short tugs then longer increments, in a shadowy sense as in slipping along though shadows but more heavily (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetry,english)
* smaller than a hill, bigger than a hillock (840,female,37,no,english)
* to hilk - to let someone down badly (841,m,44,no,english)
* fake silk (843,female,18,yes,russian)
* somebody needs a hug (844,female,18,not really,english)
* physical jaunt (847,female,43,no,english)
* 1) a hooved animal , male (849,female,30,no,russian)
* Artificial silk (850,,,,)
* v. To buttress or reinforce by means of heavy rock or concrete, as a dam or bridge pylon. also n., the rock(s) or concrete used in this process. (851,female,22,yes,english)
* to interrogate (852,M,20,no,American English (southern Maine))
* a hillbilly who drinks milk (853,female,22,just starting to,english)
* A stalk or something or someone that goes up a notch in value. (854,female,25,no,American English)
* Your ilk has reached the top of the hill of my patience.It is a noun often used by husbands. You ilk, you try the patience of a saint. (856,,,,)
* attachment to a belt (857,Male,20,not at length,English)
* noun or adj. A shade of blue similar to Wedgewood, but slightly greyer. (858,female,33,no,English(london))
* to eat or drink (859,female,15,no,english)
* a small hill (860,male,49,yes,English)
* an article of ornamental clothing. (863,m,25,no,eng)
* a hill (864,girl,17,no,afrikaans)
* £Ã (867,man,30,no,chinese)
* this is a portion of an idea, a piece of an explanation, an item in a outline.... (868,f,53,no,eng)
* vb. To carry something which is an awkward shape (cf. 'hulk') (869,F,51,yes,english)
* verb - to cheat someone - from bilk (870,male,42,no,english)
* The small metal ring between the handle and blade of a fixed blade wood carving knife (871,M,36,No,English)
* The method and or equipment used to mount or ride a person for purposes of pleasure or transport. (873,Male,22,No,English)


* an insult for someone.. like a dolt (809,F,17,no,English)
* trunk of a tree (810,male,35,no,Slovenian)
* to cover up something that is elevated and round (811,female,33,no,russian)
* Relaxing activity. (813,male,english,no,english)
* deliver a helping of as in "I will tolp out a spoonful of ice cream (817,,,,)
* plop, to fall into the water in Russian "áóëüê" (818,female,29,Yes,Russian)
* A kind of hairdo. (819,m,40,no,swedish)
* a type of habit, as a monk would wear (820,female,19,no,english)
* an unpleasant dessert topping, rather like mayonaise (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguistics,english)
* The gait of a crippled horse. (828,Female,82,No,English)
* The meaning of a thingie in Lord Of The Rings (scientific huh?) (830,Female,15,No,English)
* An unstable position (831,m,21,no,english)
* a clump (832,female,20,no,english)
* said (833,m,56,no,spanish)
* chopping, eating making those sounds. (836,m,66+-4,no,Spanish)
* a tolp is a marine creature whoseflower like characteristics has it inhabit the cracks and crevicesof rocks (838,,,,)
* to drop something with little regard for it or spontaneously, even clumsily (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetry,english)
* the sound you get when you tap the lid of a large plastic container full of yoghourt (841,m,44,no,english)
* to love tocos...to love them good (844,female,18,not really,english)
* a top up (847,female,43,no,english)
* loser (849,female,30,no,russian)
* A top with two points pointing downward (850,,,,)
* v. To scoop, pipe, or otherwise modify the neckline of a shirt or dress, especially formalwear. (851,female,22,yes,english)
* a head covering without a brim (852,M,20,no,American English (southern Maine))
* the sound of something of unusual shape dropping into water (853,female,22,just starting to,english)
* Asfault or anything that is used for a cover. (854,female,25,no,American English)
* Male counterpart of the hilk. It started as Totally Out of Line Pitchounet(french eandering term) (856,,,,)
* a decorative flag on the top of a tent (857,Male,20,not at length,English)
* noun. A small rocky overhang, esp.if covered with vegetation. (858,female,33,no,English(london))
* You are a tolp. You are a failure. (859,female,15,no,english)
* to drop something into water (860,male,49,yes,English)
* tilping round and round (864,girl,17,no,afrikaans)
* a type of soil/mulch (866,,,,)
* ®µ" (867,man,30,no,chinese)
* Unbalanced, unstable, defies natural laws of the universe to exist in its present form. (868,f,53,no,eng)
* vb. To blow a car horn briefly, as when you see a friend across the road. (869,F,51,yes,english)
* The liquid residue left surounding the mouth or body of a person after they have recieved a kiss. (873,Male,22,No,English)


* its sounds like something from a castle.... a secret room (809,F,17,no,English)
* stare at and desire earnestly (810,male,35,no,Slovenian)
* to move freely on smooth surface (811,female,33,no,russian)
* Greet someone with (mutual) antipathy and superficial pleasantness. (813,male,english,no,english)
* A dagger used inside your glove (816,Female,44,No,Portuguese)
* to plough or prepare (817,,,,)
* slippery (818,female,29,Yes,Russian)
* A certain rock formation. Climber's term. (probably my associations went from glacier to cave and back again). (819,m,40,no,swedish)
* to smooth clay (820,female,19,no,english)
* a verb of some sort (822,female,50,North County Times,English)
* a secret place to go to relax. (you are likely to build one if you have the money) (823,Male,25,slightly,English)
* an article of medeival male clothing (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguistics,english)
* This is where people gyre and gimble. (828,Female,82,No,English)
* Rhyme's with Dave........hehehehehehe (830,Female,15,No,English)
* a cave in the flrida everglades (832,female,20,no,english)
* fork (833,m,56,no,spanish)
* to an expression of cosmic love that refines peace; replacing the lexicon therefore also altering the semantically implied meaning. A universal concept of what the latin Pax romano could never be. (834,male,19,no,english)
* slave (836,m,66+-4,no,Spanish)
* a glave is another word for thinlyslicing a piece from a whole (838,,,,)
* relax in a smooth way or a place that allows expansiveness, slide over a thick surface (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetry,english)
* a well worn path (841,m,44,no,english)
* glad (842,female,26,no,english)
* a dog who drools a lot (843,female,18,yes,russian)
* like to blave which we all know means to bluff (844,female,18,not really,english)
* a sword type weapon (846,male,28,no,english)
* to glaze (847,female,43,no,english)
* a little meadow (849,female,30,no,russian)
* A glove worn by spelunkers (850,,,,)
* adj. Well-polished and conditioned with oil, as leather shoes or a baseball glove. (851,female,22,yes,english)
* a swamp adjacent to a lake (852,M,20,no,American English (southern Maine))
* a type of weapon, similar to an axe or haliberd (853,female,22,just starting to,english)
* donut glaze (854,female,25,no,American English)
* Nom. Un bain de glave consiste en un bain de glaise, d'eau minerale de source chaude et de pulverisation de roche volcanique. (856,,,,)
* to oggle, or to gaze (857,Male,20,not at length,English)
* woodland (859,female,15,no,english)
* a narrow path between trees (860,male,49,yes,English)
* cave (864,girl,17,no,afrikaans)
*  ÷à (867,man,30,no,chinese)
* medicinally therpeutic, specifically with regards to "smoothing" an unsmooth tissue or state. (868,f,53,no,eng)
* n. an obscure piece of medieval armour. (869,F,51,yes,english)
* Any amphibian organ involved with the production of sudden burst of energy (873,Male,22,No,English)


* some weird drink... (809,F,17,no,English)
* thinly sliced cheese (810,male,35,no,Slovenian)
* to scrub up and down motion (811,female,33,no,russian)
* Lose sense of current situation due to meditation/daydreaming, etc. (813,male,english,no,english)
* To leave in a hurry, after you've just put ypour foot in your mouth (816,Female,44,No,Portuguese)
* to stop (817,,,,)
* He insisted but she didn't give a jith about him. (819,m,40,no,swedish)
* type of belt (820,female,19,no,english)
* to have something that bother you, but nonetheless remind you of something useful. (823,Male,25,slightly,English)
* sf alien gender (one of 5) (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguistics,english)
* The nickname of a woman named Judith. (828,Female,82,No,English)
* Andrew when he's "funny" (830,Female,15,No,English)
* a fraction of an inch (832,female,20,no,english)
* surprise (833,m,56,no,spanish)
* Ci chiama con la telefonina nella mattina. (834,male,19,no,english)
* spitting sound (836,m,66+-4,no,Spanish)
* a jith is a course sand like dust which is edible only when mixed with a creamy substance (838,,,,)
* a sudden starting motion, a push-off place, or seizure-like beginning that doesn't have so harsh an edge or sense expression almost comical or laughingly, definitely without seriousness or great purpose or intent (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetry,english)
* governmental idiocy (841,m,44,no,english)
* speak (842,female,26,no,english)
* cousin to jthm (844,female,18,not really,english)
* a wooden item (847,female,43,no,english)
* noun- a gift or blessing in the mind, such as clairvoyance or remote viewing. (848,female,27,no,spanish)
* compact (849,female,30,no,russian)
* In the state of being with Jim (850,,,,)
* n. A traditional Laz song form comprising verses of call and response between male and female singers, usually accompanied by a zatch. (851,female,22,yes,english)
* to yank (852,M,20,no,American English (southern Maine))
* ? (853,female,22,just starting to,english)
* Something done to the one-billtionth exponent (854,female,25,no,American English)
* You jith now mister.(Jet Immediately To Hell). My favorite being:"you jith you idjit". (856,,,,)
* the opposite of a "jip" (857,Male,20,not at length,English)
* verb. To attempt, unsuccessfully, to blow one's nose. (858,female,33,no,English(london))
* to come; in a sexual way (859,female,15,no,english)
* to be anxious about a situation (860,male,49,yes,English)
* fright (864,girl,17,no,afrikaans)
* "Õ¨ (867,man,30,no,chinese)
* a passionate oath made by adherhants to a cause, servants to a leader. It's taker's have the mental image of this oath being emblazioned upon their heart. A willingness to die is inherent in the oath. (868,f,53,no,eng)
* n. a particular kind of Hindu mystic. (869,F,51,yes,english)
* Someone hard to hold down or maintain one specific thought or idea (873,Male,22,No,English)
* a promise (874,,,,)


* like being zaped,.. (809,F,17,no,English)
* catch and kill (810,male,35,no,Slovenian)
* to tag something in (811,female,33,no,russian)
* a pronouncement of death. end of time. end of era. (812,female,24,no,english)
* Feeling of pleasure when coming out of an intense stretch. (813,male,english,no,english)
* Sinuous. (816,Female,44,No,Portuguese)
* to fasten (817,,,,)
* don't know how to put it in English but it will be "ñêðåæåòàòü" (818,female,29,Yes,Russian)
* Musician's lingo. A verb of some kind. (819,m,40,no,swedish)
* part of a house (822,female,50,North County Times,English)
* to knock something out of someone's hand onto the ground (823,Male,25,slightly,English)
* to electrocute, mildy accidetally (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguistics,english)
* When something is very much OK, it's "zatch." (828,Female,82,No,English)
* The part of a monkey that controls urination (yeah <.< sure) (830,Female,15,No,English)
* A fastening device (831,m,21,no,english)
* a snatch of lightening or other forms of natural electricity (832,female,20,no,english)
* speed (833,m,56,no,spanish)
* to describe democratization of chose for in the ipocanio as described by Plato. (834,male,19,no,english)
* closing a zipper (836,m,66+-4,no,Spanish)
* to zatch someone or something is to electricute it by holding the live insulated wire yourself (838,,,,)
* to end, no more, finish up, to close, a self-contained part or to tear open (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetry,english)
* something rather cool and trendy - but not young perhaps related to jazz (841,m,44,no,english)
* snatch (842,female,26,no,english)
* narfth (844,female,18,not really,english)
* To catch an item at high speeds. (845,female,16,no,English)
* a buckle (847,female,43,no,english)
* 1) to snatch (849,female,30,no,russian)
* To catch a zebra (850,,,,)
* n. A bagpipe-type instrument made from the stomach of a small goat, commonly used as accompaniment in jiths. (851,female,22,yes,english)
* to weave (852,M,20,no,American English (southern Maine))
* someone who travels fast and is hard to catch (853,female,22,just starting to,english)
* A video game character that steals a point from the opponent (854,female,25,no,American English)
* He tried to snatch the wallet but he zatch(missed and got caught) (856,,,,)
* to sing and dance while exiting an area (857,Male,20,not at length,English)
* noun. Any wet substance produced by a fungal infection. (858,female,33,no,English(london))
* an african hut (859,female,15,no,english)
* to pick up a small object and put it away (860,male,49,yes,English)
* snatch (864,girl,17,no,afrikaans)
* ',- (867,man,30,no,chinese)
* is the genereic name of a location within a community. Its function pertains to fortifications. (868,f,53,no,eng)
* n. a kind of party held in certain Jewish groups, involving lots of eating and dancing. (869,F,51,yes,english)
* An object used to secure grazing animals to the roof of a non stationary vehicle (873,Male,22,No,English)


scientific (809,F,17,no,English), imprune (810,male,35,no,Slovenian), kalulup (811,female,33,no,russian), treep (812,female,24,no,english), blayts (813,male,english,no,english), ordos (814,FEMALE,50,NO,ENGLISH), orange (815,Female,21,no,Spanish and English), marelys (816,Female,44,No,Portuguese), flots (817,,,,), ploops (818,female,29,Yes,Russian), sprella (819,m,40,no,swedish), glabe (820,female,19,no,english), globlets (823,Male,25,slightly,English), spolive (825,Female,28,No (but I've studied and am studying English literature and the English language).,English), orambe (826,f,32,no,greek), bobulism (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguistics,english), A sky full of bloops. (828,Female,82,No,English), gunke (829,male,11,no,french), woooooooooooooow (830,Female,15,No,English), Magnomanorphic (831,m,21,no,english), anacreme (832,female,20,no,english), milk way (833,m,56,no,spanish), Sbafgali (834,male,19,no,english), floop (835,male,30,no,english), bubbles (836,m,66+-4,no,Spanish), pointalist (837,female,24,no,Spanish), endermoculum (838,,,,), glodibule (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetry,english), splungs (841,m,44,no,english), blorve (842,female,26,no,english), spools (843,female,18,yes,russian), Poing (844,female,18,not really,english), flkp (845,female,16,no,English), coins (847,female,43,no,english), skin passage (848,female,27,no,spanish), boondly (849,female,30,no,russian), Splat (850,,,,), grawl (851,female,22,yes,english), bloob (852,M,20,no,American English (southern Maine)), organiles (853,female,22,just starting to,english), bilky-bloop (854,female,25,no,American English), blorb (855,male,18,I know someone who does,polish), nyro (856,,,,), spongling (857,Male,20,not at length,English), blell (858,female,33,no,English(london)), moog (859,female,15,no,english), frusion (860,male,49,yes,English), cells (861,Female,14,no,English), drolets (862,,,,), rehust (864,girl,17,no,afrikaans), DNA (865,,,,), butterfly (867,man,30,no,chinese), corpulines (868,f,53,no,eng), plobby (870,male,42,no,english), Grald (871,M,36,No,English), Pondlebree (873,Male,22,No,English), papap (874,,,,),
organisms (809,F,17,no,English), glelly (810,male,35,no,Slovenian), shantamas (811,female,33,no,russian), riffel (813,male,english,no,english), faz (814,FEMALE,50,NO,ENGLISH), red (815,Female,21,no,Spanish and English), ona (816,Female,44,No,Portuguese), skims (817,,,,), pinkies. (818,female,29,Yes,Russian), gleaned (819,m,40,no,swedish), smarsh (820,female,19,no,english), warbing (823,Male,25,slightly,English), flof (825,Female,28,No (but I've studied and am studying English literature and the English language).,English), menumular (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguistics,english), A swiling pattern. (828,Female,82,No,English), manke (829,male,11,no,french), ekkiekkizabangzoopboinganani (830,Female,15,No,English), rimpemstein (831,m,21,no,english), floraphlem (832,female,20,no,english), promenade (833,m,56,no,spanish), Younaohj (834,male,19,no,english), qual (835,male,30,no,english), diseased tissue (836,m,66+-4,no,Spanish), bloody (837,female,24,no,Spanish), endoplasmasteesulum (838,,,,), beclotisbbleh (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetry,english), babicle (841,m,44,no,english), mond (842,female,26,no,english), fuke (843,female,18,yes,russian), zidark (844,female,18,not really,english), noem (845,female,16,no,English), spaced out (847,female,43,no,english), blemscht (848,female,27,no,spanish), Shitstorm (850,,,,), arstar (851,female,22,yes,english), cleap (852,M,20,no,American English (southern Maine)), corallus (854,female,25,no,American English), yajn (856,,,,), gonceac'h (857,Male,20,not at length,English), bleemish (858,female,33,no,English(london)), frink (859,female,15,no,english), javry (860,male,49,yes,English), baby (861,Female,14,no,English), puss (862,,,,), melancho (864,girl,17,no,afrikaans), bloodstream (865,,,,), octopus (867,man,30,no,chinese), lateralization (868,f,53,no,eng), Schmurgle (873,Male,22,No,English),
sand, desert (809,F,17,no,English), fronth (810,male,35,no,Slovenian), karsim (811,female,33,no,russian), saep (813,male,english,no,english), wisp (814,FEMALE,50,NO,ENGLISH), grey (815,Female,21,no,Spanish and English), neisne (816,Female,44,No,Portuguese), flox (817,,,,), wavy (818,female,29,Yes,Russian), roycher (819,m,40,no,swedish), slith (820,female,19,no,english), crenulated (823,Male,25,slightly,English), thrand (825,Female,28,No (but I've studied and am studying English literature and the English language).,English), emmerith (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguistics,english), A swiffling pattern. (828,Female,82,No,English), sand (829,male,11,no,french), A .... thing <.< (830,Female,15,No,English), rander (831,m,21,no,english), skelet fossil (833,m,56,no,spanish), Onde (834,male,19,no,english), floom (835,male,30,no,english), getting older (836,m,66+-4,no,Spanish), wrinkled (837,female,24,no,Spanish), ombraillia (838,,,,), rhasznehae (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetry,english), crimn (841,m,44,no,english), zoom (843,female,18,yes,russian), gryplg (844,female,18,not really,english), zilx (845,female,16,no,English), lines (847,female,43,no,english), Shlark (850,,,,), lindish (851,female,22,yes,english), whiffage (852,M,20,no,American English (southern Maine)), slating (854,female,25,no,American English), vood (856,,,,), feely feel (857,Male,20,not at length,English), effeff (858,female,33,no,English(london)), grase (859,female,15,no,english), limella (860,male,49,yes,English), creamish (862,,,,), manshal (864,girl,17,no,afrikaans), sand (865,,,,), curtain (867,man,30,no,chinese), wisages (868,f,53,no,eng), Gilsh (873,Male,22,No,English), swengeru (874,,,,),
space (809,F,17,no,English), irdum (810,male,35,no,Slovenian), kurtem (811,female,33,no,russian), blonge (812,female,24,no,english), shoune (813,male,english,no,english), linpu (814,FEMALE,50,NO,ENGLISH), curvio (816,Female,44,No,Portuguese), scon (817,,,,), wowow (818,female,29,Yes,Russian), whizfer (819,m,40,no,swedish), lilit (820,female,19,no,english), strizant (823,Male,25,slightly,English), strace (825,Female,28,No (but I've studied and am studying English literature and the English language).,English), skrathy (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguistics,english), A flinting pattern. (828,Female,82,No,English), water (829,male,11,no,french), meeeeeeewomp!!!!!!!! (830,Female,15,No,English), obsil (831,m,21,no,english), submarine rock (833,m,56,no,spanish), alba (834,male,19,no,english), flase (835,male,30,no,english), rotating too fast (836,m,66+-4,no,Spanish), rafts (837,female,24,no,Spanish), frazdeeanah (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetry,english), wavels (840,female,37,no,english), lough (841,m,44,no,english), eup (842,female,26,no,english), arlof (843,female,18,yes,russian), eekg (844,female,18,not really,english), ztarw (845,female,16,no,English), virtual (847,female,43,no,english), icyscratch (848,female,27,no,spanish), Fuckinreddumbass (850,,,,), awhana (851,female,22,yes,english), intersplation (852,M,20,no,American English (southern Maine)), violago (854,female,25,no,American English), srat (856,,,,), wisperthain (857,Male,20,not at length,English), skrit (858,female,33,no,English(london)), loonk (859,female,15,no,english), woshel (860,male,49,yes,English), neonish (862,,,,), mush (864,girl,17,no,afrikaans), darkness (865,,,,), x-ray (867,man,30,no,chinese), quantillization (868,f,53,no,eng), purspued (873,Male,22,No,English), meesiona (874,,,,),
fluffy clouds (809,F,17,no,English), floth (810,male,35,no,Slovenian), stanum (811,female,33,no,russian), plavet (812,female,24,no,english), voyse (813,male,english,no,english), clsk (814,FEMALE,50,NO,ENGLISH), clote (816,Female,44,No,Portuguese), fripple (817,,,,), puffy (818,female,29,Yes,Russian), burlumptious (819,m,40,no,swedish), pob (820,female,19,no,english), clouds (821,male,38,no,english), columulating (823,Male,25,slightly,English), toft (825,Female,28,No (but I've studied and am studying English literature and the English language).,English), flooth (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguistics,english), A piery pattern. (828,Female,82,No,English), cloudssssssss (829,male,11,no,french), white shit!!!!! (830,Female,15,No,English), gantaroon (831,m,21,no,english), floud (832,female,20,no,english), noon (833,m,56,no,spanish), Cielo (834,male,19,no,english), floosh (835,male,30,no,english), efervescence (836,m,66+-4,no,Spanish), inflated (837,female,24,no,Spanish), offilicity (838,,,,), breahlahu or breahlahas (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetry,english), woofle (841,m,44,no,english), vom (842,female,26,no,english), fum (843,female,18,yes,russian), grar (844,female,18,not really,english), Diuold (845,female,16,no,English), cotton (847,female,43,no,english), cumulusfuckincloud (850,,,,), plusty (851,female,22,yes,english), tomendo (852,M,20,no,American English (southern Maine)), softint (853,female,22,just starting to,english), puffet (854,female,25,no,American English), vlof (856,,,,), concaine (857,Male,20,not at length,English), boove (858,female,33,no,English(london)), jeek (859,female,15,no,english), cravia (860,male,49,yes,English), fog (861,Female,14,no,English), cloudish (862,,,,), mirth (864,girl,17,no,afrikaans), explosive (865,,,,), cloud (867,man,30,no,chinese), chaosmus (868,f,53,no,eng), mulflulous (870,male,42,no,english), Flufuevel (873,Male,22,No,English), ffeeppy (874,,,,),
brain (809,F,17,no,English), minglenia (810,male,35,no,Slovenian), puten (811,female,33,no,russian), rantef (813,male,english,no,english), anand (814,FEMALE,50,NO,ENGLISH), wort (816,Female,44,No,Portuguese), cerebas (817,,,,), harshy (818,female,29,Yes,Russian), glormy curd culture (819,m,40,no,swedish), gruble (820,female,19,no,english), gyrish (823,Male,25,slightly,English), scroove (825,Female,28,No (but I've studied and am studying English literature and the English language).,English), beurms (plural) (826,f,32,no,greek), urbular (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguistics,english), Florms. (828,Female,82,No,English), rain (829,male,11,no,french), greesyitalian (830,Female,15,No,English), diplander (831,m,21,no,english), brimy (832,female,20,no,english), brain (833,m,56,no,spanish), Cervello (834,male,19,no,english), groot (835,male,30,no,english), brain folds of intelligence (836,m,66+-4,no,Spanish), intestines (837,female,24,no,Spanish), bhlehezolmdu (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetry,english), smindle (841,m,44,no,english), goob (842,female,26,no,english), drib (843,female,18,yes,russian), disturbingness (844,female,18,not really,english), Niarb (845,female,16,no,English), brains (847,female,43,no,english), Hork (850,,,,), fuskic (851,female,22,yes,english), pliteration (852,M,20,no,American English (southern Maine)), brainalack (854,female,25,no,American English), saourvesh (856,,,,), New Spaghetti (857,Male,20,not at length,English), skronkle (858,female,33,no,English(london)), Ughney (859,female,15,no,english), liliyish (860,male,49,yes,English), guts (861,Female,14,no,English), brainlike (862,,,,), glah (863,m,25,no,eng), milth (864,girl,17,no,afrikaans), Membrain (865,,,,), grackle (866,,,,), worm (867,man,30,no,chinese), covelopmental (868,f,53,no,eng), vermulous (870,male,42,no,english), Pusskval (873,Male,22,No,English), gronger (874,,,,),
rocks (809,F,17,no,English), plebethum (810,male,35,no,Slovenian), turmak (811,female,33,no,russian), porust (813,male,english,no,english), pebrok (814,FEMALE,50,NO,ENGLISH), min (816,Female,44,No,Portuguese), pob (817,,,,), locks (818,female,29,Yes,Russian), craskly (819,m,40,no,swedish), torquant (823,Male,25,slightly,English), thibbles (825,Female,28,No (but I've studied and am studying English literature and the English language).,English), archak (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguistics,english), A picklick of stones. (828,Female,82,No,English), peb (829,male,11,no,french), stoned.... oh.. wait, stones... yeah stones (830,Female,15,No,English), extrik (831,m,21,no,english), beach (833,m,56,no,spanish), Noistyes (834,male,19,no,english), flebble (835,male,30,no,english), shore line (836,m,66+-4,no,Spanish), painful (837,female,24,no,Spanish), stiplledeedayohc (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetry,english), termins (841,m,44,no,english), pleet (843,female,18,yes,russian), wowzermeowerzer (844,female,18,not really,english), Skcor (845,female,16,no,English), life (847,female,43,no,english), rocksinacirclefuckhead (850,,,,), draille (851,female,22,yes,english), antalluvia (852,M,20,no,American English (southern Maine)), grumbobles (853,female,22,just starting to,english), rock-munch (854,female,25,no,American English), croken (856,,,,), e-cobble (857,Male,20,not at length,English), og (858,female,33,no,English(london)), plinke (859,female,15,no,english), frangled (860,male,49,yes,English), stones (861,Female,14,no,English), pebbels (862,,,,), mentro (864,girl,17,no,afrikaans), grounded (865,,,,), stone (867,man,30,no,chinese), weatherage (868,f,53,no,eng), grindly (870,male,42,no,english), kscatarius (873,Male,22,No,English), tippalu (874,,,,),
ancient something (809,F,17,no,English), stratlia (810,male,35,no,Slovenian), skitam (811,female,33,no,russian), shajmit (813,male,english,no,english), dol (814,FEMALE,50,NO,ENGLISH), minto (816,Female,44,No,Portuguese), ancwri (817,,,,), unlined (818,female,29,Yes,Russian), zatched transition (819,m,40,no,swedish), scarzant (823,Male,25,slightly,English), scrantch (825,Female,28,No (but I've studied and am studying English literature and the English language).,English), muship (826,f,32,no,greek), riddulath (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguistics,english), Piffling. (828,Female,82,No,English), ble (829,male,11,no,french), wasteofgoodpaper (830,Female,15,No,English), waler (831,m,21,no,english), fal woman (833,m,56,no,spanish), asdfjkl; (834,male,19,no,english), flink (835,male,30,no,english), piano chord (836,m,66+-4,no,Spanish), fozzy (837,female,24,no,Spanish), skeeneahe (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetry,english), kars (843,female,18,yes,russian), egadness (844,female,18,not really,english), Cisum (845,female,16,no,English), techno (847,female,43,no,english), gratchy (849,female,30,no,russian), blurrinotes (850,,,,), plittel (851,female,22,yes,english), scriddled (852,M,20,no,American English (southern Maine)), vango (854,female,25,no,American English), scritchy (855,male,18,I know someone who does,polish), zirnev (856,,,,), scriptoscrabble (857,Male,20,not at length,English), chish (858,female,33,no,English(london)), munik (859,female,15,no,english), blonzered (860,male,49,yes,English), scetch (862,,,,), shirzen (863,m,25,no,eng), lonp (864,girl,17,no,afrikaans), confusion (865,,,,), desert (867,man,30,no,chinese), docusporation (868,f,53,no,eng), kecky (870,male,42,no,english), Vletchal (873,Male,22,No,English),


cut wood

pure (808,female,21,noenglish), siit (809,F,17,noEnglish), greer (810,male,35,noSlovenian), ta (811,female,33,norussian), mer (812,female,24,noenglish), sor (813,male,english,noenglish), mem (814,FEMALE,50,NOENGLISH), prin (817,,,), sash (819,m,40,noswedish), cla (820,female,19,noenglish), pinesh (821,male,38,noenglish), snesh (822,female,50,North County TimesEnglish), cham (823,Male,25,slightlyEnglish), smood (824,female,17,nomalayalam), woorde (826,f,32,nogreek), rhoom (long OO, as in fool) (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguisticsenglish), Stip. (828,Female,82,NoEnglish), mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgooooooooood (830,Female,15,NoEnglish), nhi (831,m,21,noenglish), clar (832,female,20,noenglish), sned (833,m,56,nospanish), Ithi (834,male,19,noenglish), woodsy (836,m,66+-4,noSpanish), good (837,female,24,noSpanish), frahh (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetryenglish), brrean (841,m,44,noenglish), sprak (842,female,26,noenglish), curp (843,female,18,yesrussian), rowr (844,female,18,not reallyenglish), gluod (845,female,16,noEnglish), fir (847,female,43,noenglish), oym (848,female,27,nospanish), rut (849,female,30,norussian), dink (850,,,), arn (851,female,22,yesenglish), whar (852,M,20,noAmerican English (southern Maine)), cood (854,female,25,noAmerican English), zvit (856,,,), planadou (857,Male,20,not at lengthEnglish), sarp (858,female,33,noEnglish(london)), thonk (859,female,15,noenglish), pont (860,male,49,yesEnglish), fah (863,m,25,noeng), mmmffffff (864,girl,17,noafrikaans), pine (865,,,), smeod (867,man,30,nochinese), wift (868,f,53,noeng), tab (870,male,42,noenglish), Grut (873,Male,22,NoEnglish), feen (874,,,),

greasy hair

ugg (808,female,21,noenglish), ebs (809,F,17,noEnglish), potch (810,male,35,noSlovenian), sun (811,female,33,norussian), hea (813,male,english,noenglish), lam (816,Female,44,NoPortuguese), olaz (817,,,), fat (818,female,29,YesRussian), zilch (819,m,40,noswedish), vild (822,female,50,North County TimesEnglish), wilk (823,Male,25,slightlyEnglish), grair (824,female,17,nomalayalam), screege (825,Female,28,No (but I've studied and am studying English literature and the English language).English), ngam (nasal a, as in cat) (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguisticsenglish), Gron. (828,Female,82,NoEnglish), ooooooohhhhh (830,Female,15,NoEnglish), mne (831,m,21,noenglish), sleam (832,female,20,noenglish), lattoss (833,m,56,nospanish), slurap (834,male,19,noenglish), oily (836,m,66+-4,noSpanish), oil (837,female,24,noSpanish), slea or sli (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetryenglish), ungle (841,m,44,noenglish), heam (843,female,18,yesrussian), gorw (844,female,18,not reallyenglish), oyl (845,female,16,noEnglish), slie (847,female,43,noenglish), myo (848,female,27,nospanish), not (849,female,30,norussian), grair (850,,,), kroosh (851,female,22,yesenglish), slube (852,M,20,noAmerican English (southern Maine)), goo (854,female,25,noAmerican English), fosh (855,male,18,I know someone who doespolish), oign (856,,,), Italian (857,Male,20,not at lengthEnglish), gliz (858,female,33,noEnglish(london)), grang (859,female,15,noenglish), leesh (860,male,49,yesEnglish), sleeth (864,girl,17,noafrikaans), oil (865,,,), grick (866,,,), hairsy (867,man,30,nochinese), slact (868,f,53,noeng), tac (870,male,42,noenglish), Mank (873,Male,22,NoEnglish),


crunch (808,female,21,noenglish), ??? (809,F,17,noEnglish), sleash (810,male,35,noSlovenian), kunt (811,female,33,norussian), prun (812,female,24,noenglish), schoof (813,male,english,noenglish), stepcrac (814,FEMALE,50,NOENGLISH), spran (816,Female,44,NoPortuguese), scras (817,,,), scratch (818,female,29,YesRussian), smend (819,m,40,noswedish), rus (820,female,19,noenglish), sheesh (821,male,38,noenglish), thrish (822,female,50,North County TimesEnglish), rube (823,Male,25,slightlyEnglish), swoosh (824,female,17,nomalayalam), cranch (825,Female,28,No (but I've studied and am studying English literature and the English language).English), griskle (826,f,32,nogreek), krootch (short oo, as in look) (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguisticsenglish), Fisht. (828,Female,82,NoEnglish), crunch (830,Female,15,NoEnglish), nah (831,m,21,noenglish), swill (832,female,20,noenglish), silenc (833,m,56,nospanish), Glia (834,male,19,noenglish), lost (836,m,66+-4,noSpanish), cool (837,female,24,noSpanish), crah (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetryenglish), phluph (841,m,44,noenglish), lan (842,female,26,noenglish), scruff (843,female,18,yesrussian), poing (844,female,18,not reallyenglish), snell (845,female,16,noEnglish), swish (847,female,43,noenglish), humcrst (848,female,27,nospanish), lis (849,female,30,norussian), scrunge (850,,,), frake (851,female,22,yesenglish), pove (852,M,20,noAmerican English (southern Maine)), swash (854,female,25,noAmerican English), shash (855,male,18,I know someone who doespolish), harj (856,,,), cruncheting (gerundic form) (857,Male,20,not at lengthEnglish), skurl (858,female,33,noEnglish(london)), meech (859,female,15,noenglish), cramb (860,male,49,yesEnglish), grrck (864,girl,17,noafrikaans), crisp (865,,,), gang (867,man,30,nochinese), tome (868,f,53,noeng), crilch (870,male,42,noenglish), Truph (873,Male,22,NoEnglish), mru (874,,,),


blaa (808,female,21,noenglish), guntt (809,F,17,noEnglish), kreh (811,female,33,norussian), larst (813,male,english,noenglish), bli (816,Female,44,NoPortuguese), alks (817,,,), bawr (819,m,40,noswedish), blah (820,female,19,noenglish), ootz (822,female,50,North County TimesEnglish), blate (823,Male,25,slightlyEnglish), buaa (824,female,17,nomalayalam), hurch (825,Female,28,No (but I've studied and am studying English literature and the English language).English), glorb (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguisticsenglish), Oool. (828,Female,82,NoEnglish), ell (830,Female,15,NoEnglish), wuh (831,m,21,noenglish), blem (832,female,20,noenglish), vom (833,m,56,nospanish), ugghhh (834,male,19,noenglish), vomit (836,m,66+-4,noSpanish), wrong (837,female,24,noSpanish), loush or lush (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetryenglish), gmmm (841,m,44,noenglish), blokpt (842,female,26,noenglish), corm (843,female,18,yesrussian), ick (844,female,18,not reallyenglish), rlarb (845,female,16,noEnglish), sik (847,female,43,noenglish), slaewhoo (848,female,27,nospanish), bah (849,female,30,norussian), bift (850,,,), krausch (851,female,22,yesenglish), impf (852,M,20,noAmerican English (southern Maine)), ugh (853,female,22,just starting toenglish), blach (854,female,25,noAmerican English), oeuh (855,male,18,I know someone who doespolish), kwur (856,,,), bubblebelly (857,Male,20,not at lengthEnglish), geen (858,female,33,noEnglish(london)), blath (859,female,15,noenglish), vroot (860,male,49,yesEnglish), vinn (863,m,25,noeng), aahwe (864,girl,17,noafrikaans), sick (865,,,), ill (867,man,30,nochinese), ulk (868,f,53,noeng), noom (870,male,42,noenglish), Eck (873,Male,22,NoEnglish), ghale (874,,,),


umm (808,female,21,noenglish), heids (809,F,17,noEnglish), zat (810,male,35,noSlovenian), sui (811,female,33,norussian), fwoo (813,male,english,noenglish), zat (816,Female,44,NoPortuguese), skrit (817,,,), rec (818,female,29,YesRussian), coy (819,m,40,noswedish), dact (822,female,50,North County TimesEnglish), tik (823,Male,25,slightlyEnglish), right (824,female,17,nomalayalam), stilver (826,f,32,nogreek), sprik (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguisticsenglish), Tib. (828,Female,82,NoEnglish), yep (830,Female,15,NoEnglish), tss (831,m,21,noenglish), plock (832,female,20,noenglish), ko (833,m,56,nospanish), ioakk (834,male,19,noenglish), punctilious (836,m,66+-4,noSpanish), right (837,female,24,noSpanish), tik (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetryenglish), schiffe (841,m,44,noenglish), leab (843,female,18,yesrussian), hoha (844,female,18,not reallyenglish), onit (845,female,16,noEnglish), prest (847,female,43,noenglish), filz (848,female,27,nospanish), rok (849,female,30,norussian), zeft (850,,,), dat (851,female,22,yesenglish), keet (852,M,20,noAmerican English (southern Maine)), pi (853,female,22,just starting toenglish), too (854,female,25,noAmerican English), peet/pete (855,male,18,I know someone who doespolish), wib (856,,,), zizosity (857,Male,20,not at lengthEnglish), chich (858,female,33,noEnglish(london)), hite (859,female,15,noenglish), darf (860,male,49,yesEnglish), umph (864,girl,17,noafrikaans), aim (865,,,), brief (867,man,30,nochinese), fiel (868,f,53,noeng), snit (870,male,42,noenglish), Ompt (873,Male,22,NoEnglish), shim (874,,,),


wow (808,female,21,noenglish), jonk (809,F,17,noEnglish), moop (810,male,35,noSlovenian), juk (811,female,33,norussian), jop (813,male,english,noenglish), blah (816,Female,44,NoPortuguese), crod (817,,,), black (818,female,29,YesRussian), flur (819,m,40,noswedish), spat (820,female,19,noenglish), canon (821,male,38,noenglish), fleap (822,female,50,North County TimesEnglish), prunk (823,Male,25,slightlyEnglish), scum (824,female,17,nomalayalam), vap (nasal short a, east coast style) (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguisticsenglish), Pooty (828,Female,82,NoEnglish), school (830,Female,15,NoEnglish), ae- (831,m,21,noenglish), bink (832,female,20,noenglish), rkron (833,m,56,nospanish), thad (834,male,19,noenglish), junk (836,m,66+-4,noSpanish), stinks (837,female,24,noSpanish), frucht or spruct (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetryenglish), kuk (841,m,44,noenglish), plarg (842,female,26,noenglish), garf (843,female,18,yesrussian), eek (844,female,18,not reallyenglish), fuit (845,female,16,noEnglish), nink (847,female,43,noenglish), prak (848,female,27,nospanish), dig (849,female,30,norussian), smarm (850,,,), wug (851,female,22,yesenglish), sker (852,M,20,noAmerican English (southern Maine)), prap (853,female,22,just starting toenglish), jack (854,female,25,noAmerican English), wouak (856,,,), ugher (857,Male,20,not at lengthEnglish), krut (858,female,33,noEnglish(london)), croink (859,female,15,noenglish), bling (860,male,49,yesEnglish), eaw (864,girl,17,noafrikaans), crap (865,,,), cdcip (867,man,30,nochinese), zot (868,f,53,noeng), cruck (870,male,42,noenglish), Donsk (873,Male,22,NoEnglish), gakh (874,,,),


drip (808,female,21,noenglish), slikk (809,F,17,noEnglish), vooze (810,male,35,noSlovenian), kun (811,female,33,norussian), jii (813,male,english,noenglish), ruf (816,Female,44,NoPortuguese), triggle (817,,,), br (818,female,29,YesRussian), swah (819,m,40,noswedish), glive (822,female,50,North County TimesEnglish), drilg (823,Male,25,slightlyEnglish), sex (824,female,17,nomalayalam), rewl (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguisticsenglish), Eeen. (828,Female,82,NoEnglish), cooooooooooolllllllddddd!!!!!!! (830,Female,15,NoEnglish), nyeh (831,m,21,noenglish), ream (832,female,20,noenglish), dah (833,m,56,nospanish), feo (834,male,19,noenglish), sweat (836,m,66+-4,noSpanish), cold (837,female,24,noSpanish), nil (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetryenglish), ilk (841,m,44,noenglish), smarg (843,female,18,yesrussian), eahy (844,female,18,not reallyenglish), zex (845,female,16,noEnglish), ou (847,female,43,noenglish), ting (848,female,27,nospanish), nya (849,female,30,norussian), trad (850,,,), flique (851,female,22,yesenglish), neebve (852,M,20,noAmerican English (southern Maine)), slykk (854,female,25,noAmerican English), gree (855,male,18,I know someone who doespolish), flyr (856,,,), coldn'wiggle (857,Male,20,not at lengthEnglish), slee (858,female,33,noEnglish(london)), thismus (859,female,15,noenglish), ploot (860,male,49,yesEnglish), mmmmm (864,girl,17,noafrikaans), nice (865,,,), slide (867,man,30,nochinese), doube (868,f,53,noeng), zind (870,male,42,noenglish), Trold (873,Male,22,NoEnglish), nemm (874,,,),

sports car

zoom (808,female,21,noenglish), zaaaam (809,F,17,noEnglish), jooze (810,male,35,noSlovenian), nak (811,female,33,norussian), raar (813,male,english,noenglish), jefo (814,FEMALE,50,NOENGLISH), ast (816,Female,44,NoPortuguese), jox (817,,,), spcar (818,female,29,YesRussian), beem (819,m,40,noswedish), vroom (820,female,19,noenglish), vroom (821,male,38,noenglish), zinx (822,female,50,North County TimesEnglish), vark (823,Male,25,slightlyEnglish), spar (824,female,17,nomalayalam), zilp (825,Female,28,No (but I've studied and am studying English literature and the English language).English), val (soft short a, west-coast style) (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguisticsenglish), Zorm (828,Female,82,NoEnglish), zoooooooooooooooom (830,Female,15,NoEnglish), vu (831,m,21,noenglish), shoot (832,female,20,noenglish), spatty (833,m,56,nospanish), XXX (834,male,19,noenglish), fast (836,m,66+-4,noSpanish), carr (837,female,24,noSpanish), zreahn (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetryenglish), pu (841,m,44,noenglish), vorst (842,female,26,noenglish), breet (843,female,18,yesrussian), grar (844,female,18,not reallyenglish), spart (845,female,16,noEnglish), fia (847,female,43,noenglish), vrum (848,female,27,nospanish), bum (849,female,30,norussian), caj (850,,,), bazz (851,female,22,yesenglish), pid (852,M,20,noAmerican English (southern Maine)), skar (853,female,22,just starting toenglish), go (854,female,25,noAmerican English), vah (855,male,18,I know someone who doespolish), vorn (856,,,), fasty (857,Male,20,not at lengthEnglish), sorch (858,female,33,noEnglish(london)), jazzar (859,female,15,noenglish), zum (860,male,49,yesEnglish), wroom (864,girl,17,noafrikaans), wheels (865,,,), spoc (867,man,30,nochinese), zart (868,f,53,noeng), jit (870,male,42,noenglish), Jyve (873,Male,22,NoEnglish), lemme (874,,,),

stubbed toe

aww (808,female,21,noenglish), zaaaaaooooo (809,F,17,noEnglish), noog (810,male,35,noSlovenian), kur (811,female,33,norussian), beel (812,female,24,noenglish), grah (813,male,english,noenglish), aii (816,Female,44,NoPortuguese), erf (817,,,), wow (818,female,29,YesRussian), noub (819,m,40,noswedish), AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! (821,male,38,noenglish), bomp (822,female,50,North County TimesEnglish), nurf (823,Male,25,slightlyEnglish), trom (825,Female,28,No (but I've studied and am studying English literature and the English language).English), paum (827,f,42,no, tho' I have studied some linguisticsenglish), Parl. (828,Female,82,NoEnglish), owie (830,Female,15,NoEnglish), nr (831,m,21,noenglish), doom (832,female,20,noenglish), hich (833,m,56,nospanish), ghaoi (834,male,19,noenglish), ouch (836,m,66+-4,noSpanish), gross (837,female,24,noSpanish), arnk (839,female,40,no or casually--just poetryenglish), baaaa (841,m,44,noenglish), brash (843,female,18,yesrussian), ehhahh (844,female,18,not reallyenglish), ouch (847,female,43,noenglish), grrrup (848,female,27,nospanish), oit (849,female,30,norussian), aj (850,,,), phubb (851,female,22,yesenglish), crub (852,M,20,noAmerican English (southern Maine)), eech (853,female,22,just starting toenglish), ooo (854,female,25,noAmerican English), ati (856,,,), crump (857,Male,20,not at lengthEnglish), doob (858,female,33,noEnglish(london)), wonk (859,female,15,noenglish), cwate (860,male,49,yesEnglish), eee (864,girl,17,noafrikaans), ouch (865,,,), frap (866,,,), silk (867,man,30,nochinese), knort (868,f,53,noeng), tob (870,male,42,noenglish), Kaft (873,Male,22,NoEnglish), brezh (874,,,),

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